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    It’s been 4 years on this ride….when are we gonna have the Big Orgasm!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Never rush an Orgasm….just enjoy the tingle while you can.


    So while the UNC Board handcuffed our program making us mediocre and an after thought in the college basketball world; Bill Friday with the UNC Power players, John Swofford, and Dean Smith set up an entire system of bogus classes to keep UNC Bball at the top.

    Please start with 1992 (circa) or whenever Coach Dean Smith visited Kansas and was made aware of the advantages of an AFAM department. That would include all the tenure of AD John Swofford who was the liaison between the Faculty Senate and the ADMIN to establish and staff the UNC AFAM.

    This to me is the best case outcome in that the NCAA connects all the dots to the “Carolina Way” and gives them an SMU or PSU death penalty. Unfortunately this will not erase the terrible injustice done to NCSU (the institution, alumni, students) or the Valvano family. It would however be a final closure much like the guilty verdict sentencing of someone who killed your loved one. However I am confident we will not get this closure.

    I would be happy with slightly more than a slap on the wrist, a judgement of LOIC against UNC-CH, AND a public acknowledgement of willful violation of the NCAA rules and process by UNC-CH leaders including John Swafford. To me the arrogance is still the worst of the many stenchs that emit from that cesspool.


    Never thought I would see the day that the editorial in the Charlotte Observer welcomed the NCAA investigation of UNC and said it needed to be broad and thorough!

    The NCAA can takes it power and position back with the UNC case. It can define itself as the protector of college athletes as to making sure they are getting an education. Doing so aligns them with educators, alumni, students, politicians, and all the schools that are not in the super conferences. The UNC case may end up being a power struggle between the power conference and the NCAA, and to protect his ass we probably see Swofford play this card.

    If the NCAA is smart it will make UNC the example, hammer them, and send a message to every school! If the NCAA wants to sustain itself, 50 years from now we will be saying UNC-CHeat is to college athletics the same as the Black Soxs where to professional baseball! The NCAA can clean up college sports and it starts with UNC-CHeat!


    Warning….Rabbit Trail ahead

    All of this chatter about the UNC scandal got me wondering about whatever happened to dear old Butch. Google to the rescue:




    If you go back and read all the stuff (sifting out the BS), basically Dean Smith (Circa 1992) visited or studies the Kansas equivalent of AFAM. So, contrary to all the popular thinking…AFAM was a Midwest (HIGH Minority state….RIGHT) “THINGEY”. Wonder WHY they installed it. Dean was SO impressed that he started a movement (like the Alice’s Restaurant Movement in 1967). Dean then got his chief henchperson, Johnny “I’ll do WHATEVER it takes” Swofford to be the point person. THEN it got installed.

    I am a LITTLE vague on the organizational structure and when Julius was the Head Dog. BUT, he and Ms. Deborah “I got a UNC BB Player for a BF” Crowder then started to “REFINE IT”.

    Don’t really know how much Dean knew and like RR, he CAN say “I don’t rightly remember…”. Bill and Matt were probably aware of it….

    ORW, in his book stated…”My assistants would be dismayed to know that I consider Wayne Weldon to be the MOST valuable asset or member of my team….without him we would not have the….” That is a paraphrase, but it has been widely quoted and excerpted. SO, when Dean drove ORW to the presser that night in CH, WW was in KU packing his stuff and his “formulas”.

    Word is…Butch Davis did NOT know about AFAM…but quickly found out (John Blake maybe…..but they were NOT close according to Butch). THEN the AFAM sort of went on steroids. Deborah really got handy at changing grades and helping Julius invent those cutesy titles for the non-existent courses.

    You know the rest…

    NOTE….They fired Jimmy V in 1990 and he died in April, 1993…so the ink was barely dry on Dean’s NEW Flim Flam when they buried Jimmy V.

    There is also a LOT of skullduggery with PJ and the Cars and Fats and the Dentist and the Mouthguard stuff. That lost traction when Roy (actually Bubba…ORW did NOT know until the day they told him that PJ was Personna Non Grata…and that UNC was NOT going to sully their stellar reputation by protesting or appealing the decision). ORW was told and THEN they called PJ’s mom and told her…If they had taken a vote (ORW, Bubba and Ms. Blue Smurfette), then there would have been one FOR appealing and one AGAINST and the Blue Smurfette said…”What an NCAA Appeal….do I send them Blue Punch and Blue/White Oreo’s with it?”.

    Really got me started….sorry for repeating the whole tale of The Great Unpleasantness…and there is SO MUCH MORE…

    The above probably represents 40 hours of “discovery” for Mr. Wainstein ALONE….at $990 per hour…YOU do the math…


    I hope that a quarter of that can be proven to the satisfaction of the NCAA.


    “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends …”


    As a Mini-Series, this saga would beat the crap out of Tony Soprano and the Gang (much as I liked it)…


    Let the games commence!! Nyang’oro goes the way of Fat Sam and Gummy, full story here.

    “Julius Nyang’oro has cooperated with the SBI criminal investigation and has agreed to continue cooperating with the district attorney’s office,” Woodall said in a statement Thursday. “Nyang’oro has also agreed to cooperate fully and completely with the independent (non-criminal) investigation being conducted by Kenneth Wainstein into athletic and academic issues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”

    Not much surprise, but it does offer an interesting appetizer to what will be soon revealed, like whether or not Baddour or Swofford or Dean or Deputy Dog had direct contact with Professor Apostrophe.


    Nothing so sweet as the song of the African Loon.


    highstick, I think you’re supposed to see a doctor after four years. Or is that four hours?


    Well, the timing came right of Robert Gibbs’ “manual”. Release when there is NO chance of coverage or it will be forgotten during the next news cycle. Hurricane Arthur sucked all the air out of the “broadcasting set”. WRAL has more reporters on the Outer Banks than there were tourist left. Each is salivating for “time”. So, Uncle Julie’s latest travail gets less than the proverbial lick and promise.

    However, many observers think that Julius and Deborah have sang individual numbers and also duets that rival Captain Von Trapp and Maria. If so, then the jig is up.

    Here is a quote from the N&O. Bruce Lightner “OUGHT” to have some insight into the seedy situation based on his “status” and political DNA.

    To some of us sky blue faithful this might seem to be good news but my hunch is that a deal has been stuck and Nyang’oro will now be compelled to “spill the beans”. Coach Roy might loose a little sleep over such a development.

    Maybe it is the hope springs eternal…but if High $$ Kenny heard Uncle Julius say…

    The TRUTH….You want the TRUTH….You can’t STAND the TRUTH!

    THEN…it will interesting…wonder if the little (newly minted) Blue Smurfette has ordered some light blue punch and blue/white Oreos when Kenny presents his report…

    If ORW goes before the BOT and the first question is…”How will this effect recruiting?”, then it IS a Tom Sawyer job…

    BTW…if Kenny and his two “associates” whose combined billing rate (for all three) is almost $2000 per hour….then their 6 month report will have almost a $2,000,000 tab. Assuming 160 hours/month and April through October and ALL of them worked….without OT, Travel, Overhead Mark-up, etc…

    Fascinating….stay tuned…..

    Highstick….this tingle MIGHT actually last for a LONG time…


    Unfortunately a quick perusal of the comments section of that fox sports article shows just how ignorant the outside world is to the goings on at the flagship. Most people still think butch is to blame for all that has befallen the flagship. Here’s hoping one of the major outlets straightens the record.


    freshmanin83 wrote: ““Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends …””

    … there behind the glass is Carolina’s ass
    be careful as you pass
    move along, move along


    As Shakespeare would have written, Enter ‘Fats’ from Stage Right. Click here. Why is this story getting funnier to me by the moment?


    PJ Hairston is rapidly climbing the list of my all time favorite UNC athletes.


    I hear Elton John singing “The Circle of Life” in the background. One cant make this stuff up.

    PJ drives cars rented by Fats, a convicted felon. Josh Gordon, with a history of drug abuse, gets a DWI driving a 2015 Escalade owned by PJ, and gets bonded out of jail by Fats. Meanwhile PJ is playing ball at the Y and slugs a 17 year old kid during a pickup game.

    This is too funny or too sad, not sure which. But the circle has definitely come around 360.


    Gordon’s $500 bond was paid by Haydn “Fats” Thomas, a convicted felon from Durham who is linked to Hairston and to the rental cars he was driving in a series of traffic stops in the summer of 2013. Hairston’s off-the-court troubles before what would have been his junior season led to his dismissal from UNC.

    I am still confused as to how the PJ thing played out with UNC just “abandoning” him and no NCAA investigation into the “Fats” connection with UNC athletes. Then again if you repeat “nothing to see here” enough I guess people beleive it.

    I am also consistently amazed at how the Bobcats continue to draft/trade for UNC players. You would think after the first few they would have learned there lesson.


    Hornets said they ran PJ through an extensive due diligence, vetting and background check process before signing him. What the hell kinda standards do they have over there???? Hmmmm, not sure what that says about them as an organization.


    What do you expect when the guy making basketball decisions is a UNC “grad” who years ago preferred Kwame Brown to Elton Brand?

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    “What do you expect when the guy making basketball decisions is a UNC “grad” who years ago preferred Kwame Brown to Elton Brand?”
    LMAO …. excellent point. I had forgotten about that.

    “Never thought I would see the day that the editorial in the Charlotte Observer welcomed the NCAA investigation of UNC and said it needed to be broad and thorough!” I agree although most of the editorials seem to imply it is needed in order to stop the constant UNC bashing from the sea of red and that those in the sea of red will be disappointed at the end of the day when not much extra is found (see Brett Friedlander from the Wilmington Star-News for an example).

    On a positive note the Charlotte Observer had four negative articles about PJ anbd UNC this morning. Some notable statements:

    Hairston has decided to stay away from the Triangle area in the future, said Joy Cook, who operates Joy Cook Public Relations Group in Greensboro and works with him.

    “It’s unfortunate and we look forward to the fact that P.J.’s in Charlotte right now getting ready to practice with the team and connecting with his colleagues,” Cook said. “He regrets and hates the situation happened, but it’s still important for him to still feel connected to the (Triangle) community, that’s why he was even there in the first place.

    I am curious as to how much more connected witht the Triangle community PJ would like to be. I mean he connected pretty well at the YMCA on Sunday.

    “He’s really passionate and in the future he really wants to work with young guys. But he has put himself in a self-imposed exile from Durham because he does understand, and like he’s said before publicly, that by giving him an opportunity he’s ready for his new beginning. So that’s what he’s focused on.”

    I would try using a PR firm that understands basic reading, writing and comprehension.

    Cook, the public relations agent, said, “P.J. is a young man who’s trying to navigate certain processes and has cut all ties with former friends and people he’s been around. He’s really excited with playing with his teammates in Charlotte.

    He cut all ties? Really? So Josh Gordon was driving PJ car and was bailed out by Fats. Yet he has cut all ties?


    MJ majored in geography and his transcript shows AFAM classes. Jordan may have been able to save himself millions by taking some real finance and accounting courses in college or at the least, have peace of mind that he isn’t being gouged fee wise by his array of accountants, agents and business partners. Who knows, maybe that Introduction to Acting class will pay off if he is stuck in front of a Congressional hearing.


    Damnit McCants! You’re beginning to damage the damage. You need to shut the F up. Instead you’re lending support to those who would have us all believe that you are completely insane.

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