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    WV Wolf

    Here are the stats and national rankings after the big road win at South Florida But first, the latest on the National and ACC championship belts. Nat
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    Schedule Strength
    Past Opposition: 1-2 .333 (8, 85)
    Future Opposition: 8-5 .615 (12, 45)
    Cumulative Opposition: 9-7 .563 (13, 50)

    I didn’t know that SOS was easily found anywhere other than from Sagarin. Interesting. I especially like the break down between past, future, and cumulative opponents.

    SOS should show whether or not there is any value in directly comparing stats with a future opponent. PS – it’s amazing how much delivering a smack down in game #3 can improve your national defensive rankings.

    However, you don’t need any other numbers to tell that State’s offense will need to be in high gear by the time GT comes to town.
    Rushing Defense: 170.7 (12, 78)


    Found something interesting regarding our competition. Seems West Virginia lost by 10 to Alabama, West Virginia beat Maryland by 3, and the Terps beat USF by 4, whom we obviously destroyed. So just wanting to believe we are better than we presume we are. Take care of the Blue Hose, then we will find out with the FSU game. A win would be phenomenal.


    State’s offense needs to be in high gear long before GT comes to town on November 8. Like on September 27.


    I hate that our tune-up for FSU is Presbyterian, while FSU’s is Clemson. I hope FSU and Clemson beat the hell out of each other.


    Perhaps that is it. Presbyterian, should give us an easy win, and plenty of rest, and hopefully no injuries. While FSU will be bruised and battered after playing Clemson. One can only hope!


    Should get a title game in next 3 weeks.

    Unless Clemson beats FSU (a little more likely with the Jameis Winston Fhritp screwup) and then UNC beats Clemson, one of our games with FSU or Clemson will be for the conference Title Belt. Let’s go, smack down time.

    On the down side, I would not want to play FSU after they have just lost. But it is what it is.


    Probably more valuable than bruised and battered is the information our coaches will get watching film of both FSU and Clemson. The best scenario would be a close FSU/CU game where both teams pulled out all the stops.

    Achieving one of the Wolfpack’s 2014 Team Goals depends on State beating FSU. While many of us are soooo concerned about the “poor” statistics from GSU and ODU games, I suspect the coaching staff has been bringing the team along in preparation for a run at FSU without regard for “looking good” in those games. I further speculate that we have been playing those games like “pre-season games — using them to learn about the team and some newer players.

    Reminder of 2014 Goals
    1. No off the field distractions that embarrass our team.
    2. Fall term team gpa of 2.5 or higher.
    3. Top 3 in ACC turnover margin.
    4. Top 3 in ACC in special teams.
    5. Top 3 in ACC for least penalties.
    6. Earn post season opportunity and win.
    7. Go undefeated at home.
    8. Beat UNC


    Repeated post deleted


    Grey: Are those the goals the team has for itself? If so, then I like them. That’s how you build a program.

    Stats wise, I appreciate them as always. I also like the offensive ones and penalties. The D still is scary, though I thought they looked good against punchless USF.


    ryebread, I believe the goal list was spotted on the Road Trip video. So yes they are our Team goals of which UNC and FSU couldn’t get past #1.


    And here is hoping West Virginia can beat Oklahoma, while Carolina, of Greenville, wins against the smurfs. All for the benefit of NC State of course.

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