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    Assholes couldn’t bring in my fridge because of the ice, either. Didn’t ask about that when they told me to stay home all day waiting for them to call, either.


    Really sorry, but this made me laugh.


    BJD – He’s a player’s coach.

    IMHO, there’s 3 kind of player’s coaches:
    1) The worst kind: guy who has a very short career that the players don’t respect and rarely play for a couple of years after the drill sergeant has left.
    2) The middle of the road player’s coach: A guy who cares about his players and is talented, but isn’t consistent enough in his approach to have his guys turn the corner. (Think Wayne Fontz, Gott falls into this category.)
    3) The coach players respect because he cares and they know if they do exactly what he does they’ll win: Coach K, Dean Smith, Bill Belicheck, Calipari, Poppovich, and I think Bennett will ultimately fall into this category.


    I mean, the FUCK. Why don’t they bring carpets with them and such?

    Good thing I’m pretty drunk.


    Chop – with me, it’s mopping. The last time I mopped the kitchen floor was when Denver lost to fucking Jacksonville as the #1 seed in the AFC.

    I wait for cleaning lady now. I REALLY hate to mop.


    I’ve been dying to make a “pact with the devil” joke all day, but I couldn’t settle on the exact construct.

    Eventually I just decided to hell with it.

    Hee hee, I’ll be here all week.


    Correct answer to the “coaches or players” question is…
    BOTH – 50%/50%

    Most all coaches are retired players.
    Same guy on the court is the same guy on the bench.
    Coaches GOTTa grow up too…

    I guarantee the next time GOTT and State win in the Dean Dome, he and the team both will handle it “better”…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Poor fucking GT came back and sent it to OT and lost. That REALLY had to sting.


    Not with this coach’s personality type. You want regimented, no time to waste, no room for error.

    Anything less leads to a focus and urgency reflective of it.

    That’s the cycle. Learn to accept it.

    I like Gott’s persona a lot. I think his bona fides when it comes to basketball are very good. It’s sometimes hard to tell when there’s struggles if it’s talent deficiencies or other issues. Sometimes though struggles are much more weighted to the mental/psychological side of the equation – which is how I feel about this team. There’s no tangible evidence other than Gott’s results to truly back up your theory – but I mostly buy it.

    I’ve been fine – perhaps even encouraged – with the first three seasons b/c 2 of 3 teams struggled some but rose to the occasion (except for St. Louis) late in the season. I care less about the regular season roller coaster and more about getting into the tournament. The lack of focus and consistency though will bite you at some point.

    Seems a tough thing to me, how do you get the seeming rigidity of ‘regimented, no time to waste, no room for error’ without it being HWSNBN-like rigid? K does it with aplomb, which is why he is the best.

    Well, we all have warts – and at least this season’s not over. See what happens Tuesday 😉


    I’ve been dying to make a “pact with the devil” joke all day, but I couldn’t settle on the exact construct.

    Eventually I just decided to hell with it.

    Hee hee, I’ll be here all week.

    lollers … well CH fans hate us so much here that at least we know they won’t waste their time to sign-up and troll us today 🙂


    What is this mop thing of which you speak?

    Well, let’s see – I’ve got a broken phone, the door is falling off my truck, and my team sucks. It’s been when your life starts to resemble country music song.

    You know the worst thing about this stinker – it ruins basketball until the next game. That’s why it’s always best to play in the NCAAs on Fridays and Sundays. At least you get to enjoy the tournament that way!


    I’ve had a while to think about it…What happened, other than just blame it on Coach or tired legs or whatever? It seemed that Cat could not control the game as he has been doing lately. He could not drive, penetrate, or dribble around. They cut him off and made him pass. BC adjusted to what he has been doing so effectively and now we’ve got to adjust to that. On the other side, why has teams like Clemson, WF, now BC shot so well against us, better it seems than they have all year? The easy answer is to say we play poor defense but is that really true? If they are hitting threes and everything they throw up, sometimes it is just, what can you do? Obviously you have to get rebounds and play solid D but it’s not like they were getting lay ups or wide open looks on every possession. We couldn’t stop them but I really do not know why. They are a 1 win team (now 2) but they looked really good and I’ve seen them look good in other games also. We just got beat. Tuesday’s coming.


    Yea I think it dawned on me watching Gottfried’s post game with Julius the other night. “We’re gonna celebrate tonight”? I’m sorry, but what exactly are we celebrating? 8-7 in the ACC, still on the bubble looking in? Nothing’s gonna change in Raleigh until we stop celebrating victories over Duke and UNC. Maybe if I stop using unflattering nicknames for those teams and start treating them like any other team that we should just BEAT, just maybe we’ll actually start a culture of winning.

    Did he really say that? Holy crap if thats true.


    Here’s the thing about this year’s team…
    They are all tweeners…

    1. Every man starting can play two positions because he’s half one and half the other…
    2. This is not a slow team and this is not a fast team…
    3. They all can be leaders… on the court … we have had games where any one of six or seven guys was the guy that GOTT everybody else going… and then there have been games like today where they are still looking at each other to see who’s night it is…

    So what happened is this…

    There is always a letdown after a Big Win, especially when you GOTT the Coach dancing on YouTube like he just won the National Championship…. which is some ways he did.. and if you don’t dance Tuesday night, you will never dance after a NC…

    It’s BC @ BC @ Noon… discussed ad nauseum elsewhere…

    We come out flat… duh…. like who the hell didn’t know that was coming …
    including the BC Coach… whatshisname..

    So he tells his SENIORS to light our a&&es up from the start… and go as long as they can, knowing his kids have not ever done that for forty minutes and hopes…

    Now from the bench the way you fix that by the book… is speed up the game..
    BUT we are not a fast team… and while the O may get some highlight shots… our D goes to Sh&t in a fast game…so that will NOT work with these kids this year, maybe next year, idk…

    So what you gonna do, SFN Coaches ??

    Coach used his home run move from Tuesday ( the early and quick TO ) but that ain’t gonna work cause they are flat … what are you gonna say to them that you hadn’t already said… that works to calm ’em down, that don’t work to fire ’em up… that was DOA before the whistle…

    Next move please…
    BC is hot… you know they are gonna cool off…
    but you GOTT to let / HELP the opponent take himself out of the game…

    In this case there is no excuse for Hanlan not getting his third foul in the first and fouling out, along with a couple of team mates, in the second with enough time to win the game from a 10-12-14 distance…

    No excuse… unless the kids were told to do exactly this and they did not execute… but then… that is exactly what a WHITE team is for…

    Coaches GOTTa learn too…

    On to the next game…

    We are still dancing..
    just doing it the hard way…
    which is exactly what young kids like ours are gonna do…

    And yes… this ain’t Alabama…
    This is THE ACC where late in the season..
    VaTech goes to overtime against DOOK and loses by seven to the Hoos in Hooville

    so… duh…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
Viewing 13 posts - 326 through 338 (of 338 total)
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