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    As was discussed on our message forums in real time, Fayetteville native, Dennis Smith, Jr has committed to run with the Pack and become the lead comm
    [See the full post at: Nation’s Top Point Guard Picks Pack!!]


    Welcome to the Pack, Mr Smith. Kudos to the coaches. Now finish and bring it home, it’s not over till the John Hancock.

    But this is horrible news for the doom and gloom, chicken little, #FireGott crowd.


    Should be the start of a transformative recruiting class.

    And give gott tons of credit – he is making the most of a huge opportunity. They have done a great job laying the groundwork to have this great class.

    And hopefully this year will not just be special because of recruiting.


    This is fantastic news. The staff has done a great job with recruiting.


    Anyone know or like our chances with Bam Adebeyo other than scout247’s predictions??? Getting his commitment would strongly suggest the major recruiting trail leaves duke and bypasses conservative hill straight to Raleigh.


    Anyone know or like our chances with Bam Adebeyo other than scout247’s predictions??? Getting his commitment would strongly suggest the major recruiting trail leaves duke and bypasses conservative hill straight to Raleigh.

    I don’t want to jinx it, but it is as close to a lock as you can get. Hopefully he announces soon.


    Mr. Smith goes to Raleigh. Can’t wait to see Dennis play for the Red and White!


    Dancing around the kitchen singing a Harry Belefonte sounding
    “Gott Gott on de helicopter, Gott Gott on de chopper chopper”.

    Awesome news. Welcome Mr. Smith. Bring the Bam.


    Where is packalum44 and the rest of the Gott bashers? Nowhere to be found.

    This is great news.


    Nation’s Top Point Guard Picks Pack!

    Yes he did.

    “State is an underdog in the ACC and at times in the state of North Carolina — I want to try and help them win a championship, and I believe we can do it.”

    Love it.


    Great news. Ban is next. I think we need over more big man in this class.


    Sorry for not posting sooner Tau837. I live in NYC work late hours on Wall Street and still find time for a social life on Thursday evenings. Just seeing the news and I’m thrilled if you must know, since you and others allude interest.

    It would be a fool’s errand for me to defend my past analysis of Got against anyone who believes recruiting success vindicates their past opinions on his coaching ability. Really the only thing you can ding me on is my prediction that his recruiting success would wither, in which case, since his paradigm relies on the (poor man’s) Calipari method, would spell another painful few years…deja vu in the life of a Wolfpack fan. I would still trade G for a better coach such as Archie in an instance though I have no motivation to rehash painful basketball memories…it is football season for Pete’s sake.

    These types of recruiting splashes have to be common for Gott if we expect him to break the Elite 8 and, dare we dream, Final 4 drought. Let’s hope he has another top 5 class and it translates into an Elite 8 or more. Until then…cheers.


    packalum44 – I suggest you check out this page (

    Hard to argue with facts. I was skeptical about the Gott hire at first, but it’s hard to look at those facts and still say he hasn’t done a spectacular job with NCSU Basketball. He’s definitely rejuvenated basketball in Raleigh. It’s been a long time since I was this excited about STATE basketball and it appears it’s only going to get better. Next step, add Bam!


    Hard to say anything other than Gott has been the best coach in Raleigh since V. Granted in some cases that is rather faint praise but to call him a “poor man’s Archie” might be going a bit too far. I have no criticism of Archie but I’m not sure he would do any better in Raleigh. Also I’m not sure V (or even Sloan or Case) would be so successful today as the landscape has changed much.


    tractor57 – agree
    Gott may not be the bench coach that Valvano was, but he seems to coach with ‘looser reigns’ the way the better players want to play these days. I’m sure it is a tough line to walk between giving them freedom, and training them to have enough discipline to do the basic fundamentals (defense, rebounding, etc.)

    He’s got a good team of coaches.

    Think about the players DSJ should be playing with next year. The twins, the three bigs should all be there, Rowan, Kirk – could be a great team.

    These are exciting times for Wolfpack basketball.


    Very good news indeed. Hopefully, this helps to steadily accelerate recruiting successes going forward.


    My view has always been you rise in steps. Gott’s success is now opening doors for more higher level players to see the Pack as an option. He may have down classes but I expect the overall recruiting classes to continue to rise. This past year was tough but he sure salvaged it by brining in a few athletes. This next class may become a juggernaut. 2017 looks promising. So as in football, I think the next couple of classes will “raise the bar”.
    GO PACK!!!


    This is very encouraging. Five Star.


    Great news! Welcome to the Pack! Bring all of your friends with you!


    Also I’m not sure V (or even Sloan or Case) would be so successful today as the landscape has changed much.

    I can’t agree with this. V would have absolutely killed it if at NC State during the last 15 years.

    What made UNC and their media lackeys hate him so much were the very things that were so far ahead of his time:
    – TV personality
    – National TV presence
    – Tied in with SonnyV and Nike
    – Fantastic interview and a sound byte a minute
    – No publicity is bad publicity
    – Good recruiter that could quickly retool a roster
    – Fantastic in game coach
    – Peaked in the postseason
    They’d have made him wildly successful today.

    NC State would have had the type of run that Duke and UNC have had. Now, maybe because there were three horses as opposed to two, there wouldn’t be as many absolute titles, but I think we’d have at least had what Maryland and Wake had over those awful years.

    I will agree that Gott is the best coach since V. He’s brought excitement and actual tangible results back to the program.

    Talent and stacked classes are what we need to push us over the top. What NC State fans have failed to realize over the years is that it doesn’t take one top 5 type class to win a title. Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Kansas and to a lesser extent Louisville, Arizona, Michigan and UCLA are pulling in top 10 classes every year. Yes, they have attrition (but we do too). What they’re left with though is deep talent at every class, not one class trying to pull up the other 2-3 classes.

    This staff is starting to stack classes and that’s the key. Sorry, but no in game coaching is going to make up for a severe talent gap. Even the most recent examples that people like to point to of coaching making up a delta (Butler under Brad Stevens and Bo Ryan at Wisconsin), they still had some really good players.


    + 1000 …. Rye just summarized why the UNC machine went after V with such effort.

    It is truly a tragedy we did not get to see him coach for a whole extended career like Coack K. Would have loved the epic Duke / State battles. Plus not sure K would have been as successful with V at State


    This staff is starting to stack classes and that’s the key.

    I agree. DSJ and hopefully Bam could be the tipping point we’ve been waiting for.


    And it can’t be overstated how important the position DSJ plays is. He’s a great player, but also plays the position that can make other players great as well. And is stepping into our biggest recruiting need.

    All in all, a phenomenal pick up. Congratulations Gott!


    Rye I think you make a valid point. We do differ a bit in our opinions but I do not discount yours. The issue moving forward will be the one V faced – focus or the glamour life. Different time, different place so I don’t see the money issues V faced. V was an amazing recruiter, planner, motivator and game coach. Gott has some of these qualities but hard to compare across eras.

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