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    Today Mark Gottfried added another highly rated player to the 2016-17 roster by getting Markell Johnson to sign with the Wolfpack. Johnson, who recent
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    At least there is breath on the mirror….as someone pointed out, this place has been quieter than King Tuts’ Tomb…..I also understand that Rabbits and hats are often a magicians illusionary tools….as is smoke and mirrors to politicians.

    I certainly am pleased that we are picking up talent…. As Coach Gott said to the pretty young eye candy at the ACC Baseball Tourney, his fans were calling 911 and were distraught and he was making things happen (I think the Turk was the recruited player of the week).

    I am not as big a Gott supporter as I was this time last year or several years ago. Bobby Lutz’s demotion or actually “firing” and having no seemingly Defensive guru concerns me. However, if we have improved recruiting by hiring the two new guys….then HOPEFULLY, ONE of them will be able to teach defense.

    I am reading John Feinstein’s “The Legends Club” and posted a forum recommending it. Coach Gott is probably the best coach that we have had since Jimmy V. Coach V admitted to his friends and brother that he was ultimately the cause of his downfall. However, had he not been such a personality and had Claude Sitton (who DIED on V.’s birthday) been such an A$$HOLE and decided PUBLICLY to “Get Valvano”, who KNOWS what might have been.

    Pam’s comments about stress and Feinstein’s overview of vindictive journalism….when the “Investigative News Reporters” start covering a sports story about sum it up.

    Coach Gott is obviously a good recruiter based on his success. His personality is similar to V’s in that he has the ability to do some “conning”….on and off the court. He idolizes John Wooden. But, if you read about Wooden (or Smith or Coach K), they are VERY organized and realize that Defense WINS championships along with a good or even mediocre offense.

    I guess that Coach Gott was not in class they day that was taught.

    We now, seemingly, have a full stable of talent….same as we did several years ago. Unfortunately, the personalities and the blending of the Greats with the Role Players did not work out. YES, we did go to the Sweet 16 twice….something that had eluded Les and Herb. But, last season was a disappointment…..and the “We Can’t Control Injuries…” excuse was spun in more ways that why a certain WJC sought female companionship because of HC’s personality…

    I will say that Gott’s focus on Strength and Conditioning has been a major improvement. V commented, in private, that sometimes you use up a lifetime of breaks….and that the 1983 run used his and probably someone(s) elses…..

    Maybe the two Sweet 16 appearances depleted Gott’s “Breaks”. I HOPE not….but we need to be more like Mikey and Dean and Knight and Roy and Wooden….in that we need a DEFENSE….and then our offensive talent can bask in the sunshine.

    THAT is my hope for the season….

    BUT, congratulations to Coach G and staff for at least filling up the stable this year. As Coach K said many times, you have to keep changing your approach and focus as the game (and recruits and other teams) is constantly changing. What won you an NCAA championship in 20XX or 19XX will NOT work in 2017.

    GO PACK….


    That’s a strong finish to the recruiting season. I’m glad we have a few players. Hopefully everyone we hope will be available will actually be there on day 1.

    I’m holding out hope for improved defense. One assistant was known for his teams winning with defense and the other was known as a motivator expecting high levels of effort. Both tend to be vital to improved defense.

    People harp on the defense, but I hope to a return of a semblance of a real structured offense. The last two years we’ve basically played isolation while running a wing off some swings to shoot a three.

    Our pace of play has also dropped off. What I’m saying, is that we need work in all three facets (defense, offense and transition). The bodies are here. Let’s see if the coaching improves.


    I’m with you Rye, but I’m definitely on the upswing right now in the bipolar life of a Pack fan. It looks like good depth all across the board, something that I don’t think has been available in decades.

    And it looks like we’re looking to use our allotment of scholarships. Limiting them like we’ve done in the past is kind of like putting 4 bullets in your 6-shooter to carry to the gunfight. Maybe that’s why the Clantons lost at OK Corral!

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    44rules: I’m in agreement that leaving scholarships on the table has been a questionable / baffling strategy. We’ve routinely left more on the table than teams on probation have taken away. It’s made no sense and it clearly caught us last year (though I’d argue it has hurt us in other years as well).

    As you say, hopefully the staff is seeing the error in their ways. Hopefully this signals that we’re going to start using them all. I think we still have some available.

    I’m still in my zen state, have been for months and will be this year. I hope the staff changes help the coaching as much as they help the recruiting. I’ve heard that the last two signings were more linked to Early than the new assistants, so maybe this is how things would have played out roster wise anyways.



    Johnson and Smith pushing the ball, Rowan/Dorn/Henderson on the wings, Abu at 4 or even 5 and we have a very athletic push the ball up court team. This helps defensively also and should be huge for the end results.


    Is the sky still falling? Or nah?


    Is the sky still falling? Or nah?

    Just a brief intermission between sky falling sessions.

    Just wait. Another one will be here soon enough.

    jimi eno47

    The kid’s videos look really good … his attitude looks GREAT. On another basketball / player subject … what is NCAA process / status of Omer Yurtseven’s eligibility????


    ^The Yurtseven decision won’t come until the fall, most likely just before the season starts and possibly even into it. The NCAA focuses on the red tape for the fall sports first before they move onto winter.


    I hope they will expedite Omer’s case due to the Pack’s Italy trip in August, but I’m not holding my breath. With so many new faces in play for next year it would be nice to have everyone on board and playing.


    Hmmm, maybe use the strategy employed by the community college to the west. Just need to reapply to the NCAA sometime in October and spell Seven’s name differently, starting the clock again. “Oh, sorry guys, it’s spelled Yertsevan. What’s that, that’ll set you back another 6 months? Fair enough, we’ll play him in the meantime and we’ll hear from you in April, yes? Sounds like a plan. “


    And as basketball continues to bring in talent, yet another signing with 6 ft 10, forward Ted Kapita, from the Congo. Go Pack!

    john of sparta

    using MrPlywood’s strategy:
    Kongo Kapita.

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