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    W/drew name from App State.Charlie Cobb 1st class. All the best. So excited to be with Mark Gottfried and NC State. Future is bright. #wpn— Bobb
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    Good news.


    Glad he is staying. I assume he withdrew his name because he was passed over.


    I bet App couldn’t make the $$ work.


    Good news, I suppose. We need a defensive coach in the worst way, though.


    I bet App couldn’t make the $$ work.

    I wonder if DY stepped in with a raise.


    Izzat Scotty McCreery in the pic?


    Why, hell yes, it is Ply!

    That speaks volumes over Mr. Bill’s picture grab.

    Ya know, the one where he was sayin’ to himself:

    ” Told ya we should shoulda gone zone. “


    If Lutz leaves, would Yow allow Gott to hire his former mentor? He’s an old man now but his player development skills are 1st class. Gott gushes like a school girl day dreaming about a crush when you bring up his name.


    It would be INTERESTING to see if JH was hired….but I suspect that anytime that Gott needs a little help or consultation or whatever that he has some $$ in petty cash and there is a “consulting” contract for JH to be paid.

    As for Lutz….this is GREAT news for us…IMHO.

    DW came up with a theory…
    Wonder if TJW is thinking LESS and LESS about being an NBA player and working on his skill set for another year? If SO, would THAT have influenced Bobby Lutz. IF…and this is PURE speculation….the WP does well next year and gets a LOT of positive press (like we did when TJW blew away the media and that probably HELPED getting us in the Dance….even if it was the side entrance)….THEN will Lutz’s stock be worth more.

    I, quite frankly, am somewhat amazed at Ron Wellman NOT approaching him. Lutz is a mental giant. He would be a great fit for WFU where you have to coach folks with supposedly more IQ than perhaps the average ACC BB player.

    BUT, if he withdrew from Happy Appy and stated his allegiance, THEN WFU would be off the table.

    We shall see if AD Yow issues a little presser in a few weeks about performance and compensation reviews…..perhaps she will….perhaps NOT.


    I’d be shocked if TJ stays…just as shocked as NC State fans are when UNC players stick around.

    If Gott had to quantify TJ’s value, what would it be? For someone who makes 2+ million, being fired from NC State would relegate you to SEC type programs for the remainder of your life (at best). In addition, the NCAA doesn’t really care so long as its a clean cash deal….makes you go hmmmmmmm if TJ stays. Unless you’re a hypocrite.


    … being fired from NC State would relegate you to SEC type programs for the remainder of your life (at best)…

    … Not sure I’m following the logic here…

    Billy d & his GatorHoles are an SEC team…
    Cal and his seemyproCats are an SEC team…

    …somewhere down near Macon Jawja …
    “B’er Wabbit said to B’er Fox…’pleez dunt tow me n da ‘bri’r patch’…”

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Apparently Tyler is not staying.


    Just read the news on WRAL that Tyler Lewis is leaving the program. Looks like we’re gonna need another guard.

    What brought this on I wonder? He started the last 14 games of the season and has played well. Is it something with the coach or what? Why would you transfer when you’re the starting guard?


    Well…..tonight really sucked

    BOTH Millers go HOME….and will not be playing next weekend…

    Now, Tyler says, “I will NOT be finishing my playing career at NCSU”

    Maybe HE is going to declare himself as eligible for the NBA Draft?

    Seriously, with Lutz staying, I would have thought that would be a real plus for Tyler as Tyler is definitely a LUTZ guy.

    Never know……guess there are always underlying issues that we will, and probably should NOT, NEVER know.

    Wish him well….but can’t help having some less than positive feelings….but the beat will go on…


    I figure there is a strong possibility that TJ is leaving, but this Tyler Lewis thing is just crazy. He certainly knew how to run the team better than Barber and will be missed. Wish him well.


    Man that sucks WBS is leaving. Weird considering he had the starting role. Maybe Gott decided to put all his eggs in the CAT basket for next year and WBS left based on playing time. Maybe there was some issues there. Heck who knows….just sucks WBS is leaving. I really like WBS and wish him well. Sad though because he really wanted to be here early on. Just weird.

    Maybe Gott’s leaving for Marquette. Just kidding.


    Just a note on the Gott haters. Guess everyone forgot the struggles Coach K had when he first went to Duke, and now they remain in the national spot light, and lest we forget our former coach who never ever got us in the big dance. Gott has been at State 3 years, and 3 years in the dance. Who knows what could have been this year, if the guys hadn’t forgot how to shoot FTs, against SL. I think we could have beaten Louisville. But again that is my opinion. Everyone else is entitled to theirs. As for Tyler, I was disappointed in his lack of scoring this year, but he was certainly a general on the floor, and knew how to pass out some assists, with low turnovers. He will be missed next year. Hope Barber can grasp the concept of playing PG. He just didn’t impress me, except for his speed.


    For every K/Dean success stories, there are 25 Les/Herb/Sid/etc versions. Hell, we’re going toward that ratio here. Pointing out obvious discrepancies doesn’t make one a “hater”. We are losing too many kids for nebulous reasons that other programs don’t seem to (we should be tearing up the NBA at this point). But even given all of that, I didn’t expect this one. We lose people who seemingly have no where to go.


    First off, you have to love the term “haters” – a word made up by entertainers to protect them from any kind of criticism.

    Regarding Gottfried, at this point his record here in Raleigh is pretty impressive. However, he’s now lost every scholarship player that he’s recruited to nc state.

    Between this issue and our consistently bad defensive rebounding, its hard to get the warm and fuzzies about the program at this time.


    Chop, I don’t think that is accurate. He has 2 years of recruitment classes. I don’t think Any of his guys have left.

    Gott has rid himself of Low recruits and I would say besides those graduating and TJ, all with good reason. I would have looked forward to The coming off the bench but the kid has bigger dreams.

    Addition by subtraction except for TJ and TL. Even SW, who broke records probably cost us more points on defense than he made on offense.

    I also expect many more transfers as our program continues to improve. Natural progression.

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