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    “I’m actually impressed how the new NOA is actually even less sever. How did they manage that? UNC is *almost* as powerful as the LGBT community.”

    Alias Troll,

    You had me rolling in my Algebra 1 class this morning. My students think I’m high. Thanks for the chuckle!


    “I’m actually impressed how the new NOA is actually even less sever. How did they manage that? UNC is *almost* as powerful as the LGBT community.”

    Alias Troll,

    You had me rolling in my Algebra 1 class this morning. My students think I’m high. Thanks for the chuckle!

    How did I miss that line? Its brilliant


    I agree with rye^^ in that the packpride posters have a good idea imo. If commensurate penalties don’t come down on the cheaters, DY should write a letter to UNCheat AD, indicating our graceful departure from all sporting events going forward with the cheaters, as an on-going effort to maintain a higher level of integrity in both sports and academics at NCSU. We are not going to win under the ncaa-sanctioned Carolina way anyway…why not make the statement and hit them where it hurts! I would double my contributions to NCSU if that happened. Do something!! Sick of being the punching bag for the cheaters and their broad mote of corruption. Maybe I’ll start watching football and basketball again too.


    Still cannot believe how mad people are about this. No UNC-CHeat in comparison to us in 80s did not self report, did not self impose, lawyered up, covered up, lied, cheated, and put a spin on the whole scandal. They did everything I expected them to do and by doing so they confirmed why we are not them, why I do not want to be them, and why I am proud of us and who we are, the Wolf Pack. We do what is right and if that means not winning as much as others, so be it!

    As Far as ANOA, the allegations are the same, the NCAA did not have to reference any particular sport in Number 5 as it covers the entire athletic department. As far as taking out “impermissible benefits” they took the wording out but the allegation otherwise is the same. Now they have put the burden on UNC to label it fraud, impermissible benefit, etc. Maybe you wanted to read academic fraud or whatever, but I see this as a smart move by the NCAA enforcement staff. They have flipped the allegation from a defense to a burden on UNC. We can only wait and see how it plays out.


    ABCers need to notice what is happening to UNC-CHeat. The NCAA final had its lowest TV rating, people did not turn in to watch the Cheats, they are sick of them. You don’t see people wearing UNC stuff like you used to, their merchandise sales are down. National media actually calling them out, they had a terrible final four from a PR stand point. Our academics get stronger, UNC is taking a beating. NCSU grads make more than UNC, also Wake Duke & UNC-Charlotte have passed UNC in undergraduate earnings. Wolf Pack fans are not the only ones sick of UNC, and I for one am noticing the state and national backlash. This plot to throw women’s basketball under the bus is going to blow up in their face. So take a chill pill and enjoy the ride.




    All I can say is, if you’re waiting for the cheats to come out and label anything fraud or impermissible, or anything else for that matter, on their own…I hope you aren’t holding your breath. That will never ever happen. Roy has all but made sure of that with his comments.


    …The NCAA final had its lowest TV rating, people did not turn in to watch the Cheats, they are sick of them. …

    I agree with several of your observations, particularly visibility of merchandise (from my personal observation), marketability of our graduates, and strengthening of our academic reputation. Can you by chance cite a source for your “merchandise sales” claim? Or a decline in their reporting academic ranking?

    However, you claim that lower TV audience resulted from distaste for Cheats without evidence. I will claim (equally valid/invalid without supporting evidence) that the lower audience resulted from the broadcast being on cable (TBS) exclusively for the first time ever. Neither of us has presented evidence to support such speculation.

    I desperately, desperately want you to be right about the backlash.


    The more cord cutters, the more cable rates will go up…leading to more cord cutting. Hopefully they will decide or be forced to pay the players which will also lead to fan disinterest. Hopefully eventually the NCAA will go the way of the dodo bird and we can have equitable application of true standards or else no standards at all.

    As for me, NFl and NBA will have to do whenever they are on the rabbit ears or internet. I’ve completely lost interest supporting losing State squads. I will check back in for final ACC tourney games, sweet 16 games, or regular season games when we are ranked in the top 10. All else does not amount to a hill of beans because the entertainment value is gone.


    The schools that should really be upset at this whole debacle are the one’s that have been penalized for low APR such as UConn, Syracuse, UNLV, etc. NCAA is basically saying that they don’t care how you achieve a satisfactory APR; create fake classes if necessary, but graduate your players. The APR was already a bit shaky; if the holes don’t get penalized like they should, the APR will be a total joke.


    It’s Friday. It’s over.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    So has the NCAA decided it’s time to bury the Hatchell and move on?


    So has the NCAA decided it’s time to bury the Hatchell and move on?



    Sylvia is TOAST. She will be given a staff position at current salary and also allowed to work long enough to be fully (she probably already is) in the NC Retirement. Whilst in that position at UNC, she will be able to do commentary work and NOT in violation of her contract…..we KNOW how that goes.

    Remember the NCAA is NOT a Legislative Body subject to rules of law. If you were caught speeding at 50 in a 45 MPH zone today and tomorrow they raised the speed limit to 55, you would STILL be guilty and have to pay the fine. NOW, maybe a Judge would give you a break or maybe the DA would let you plead guilty to a lesser offense or perhaps “Drop the Charges”.

    BUT, if it ever came down to it….that is the law. That is what all the uproar is with BLM and “Others”. When WJC and Congress passed the “Fair Sentencing Laws”, folks got the SAME sentence in all courts….There was really NO recourse, save a Pardon. And Pardon’s were the payout for a Pay OFF to the President….

    SO, now the NCAA has revised the rules….then applied them retroactively. That about wraps it up….

    If you are old enough to remember Jesse Helms at WRAL ( I ran audio for taping of his “commentaries”), then you will also remember his “Guest Commentator”, Retired Judge Chub Sewell. He would close his segments with….”Call your next case….”

    OR, if you are a bit younger, then you will probably recognize these lines from the Eagles….

    It’s like going to confession every time I hear you speak
    You’re makin’ the most of your losin’ streak
    Some call it sick, but I call it weak

    You drag it around like a ball and chain
    You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
    You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
    Got your mind in the gutter, bringin’ everybody down
    Complain about the present and blame it on the past
    I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass

    Get over it
    Get over it
    All this bitchin’ and moanin’ and pitchin’ a fit
    Get over it, get over it

    Get over it
    Get over it
    It’s gotta stop sometime, so why don’t you quit
    Get over it, get over it

    That about sums it up….


    Roo: If by your last post you are saying that nothing is changing the inevitable minimal slap on the wrist that UNC was always going to get from day one, then I’d agree with that. If you are saying that because of that, NC State fans should just shut up, keep paying and continue the status quo, then I don’t agree with that at all.

    If I were NC State, I’d start at the baseball series with UNC and just not play it. I’d tell UNC, the ACC and the national media that we forfeit every game in every sport against them. Turn up the heat on them. Would it be painful? Absolutely. Would it risk our ACC TV money? Yep.

    It’d be the best PR move we could possibly make. It’s about the ONLY way that I could see it increase donations and support from the rank and file NC State fan and continue them coming in the future. Hell, I’d donate if we did that because it was actually making a stance. What we’ve always done is turn the other cheek, toss our hands up in the air, complain about the PTB at the BOG level, and effectively just go along with it.

    This move might also pave the way for our departure from the conference. As little as 3 years ago I incorrectly argued against this. I now think is the best path for us, even if the departure locks us out of the Power 5 sweepstakes.

    I don’t think it would be as bad as most think though. If NC State made that move, then FSU, GT and Clemson would surely follow. Even Swofford couldn’t keep that situation swept under the rug. The ACC cannot afford to lose 3 of the large state supported universities and 3 of the 4 tech/engineering schools. The conference isn’t viable with only the small private schools, UNC, UVA and the former Big East teams.


    So UNX is innocent of all allegations. Kane, Willingham, Smith and a handful of Pack fans sitting on their couches with their laptops manage to stir up so much mud for five years in the recruiting arena that one Brandon Ingram (who was married to all things light blue) decides instead to go to Duke of all places. IMO, Ingram, with his particular skill set, probably would have made those tools an undefeated NC team. NOVA dagger instead. Roy “I don’t think you ever get over something like that.” No you don’t huckle hound. First honest comment he has made in years.


    rye, you hit on the one and only question I have left after and during all of this nonsense. Why in the world does every college who’s ever been sanctioned by the NCAA not raising absolute hell? Why would Syracuse for example set foot on any playing surface with any tarhole team? You are dead on, 100% no argument, no need for any of us to waste any more time or effort on any of this. F*ck them, It is about the most mind blowing thought in the world that absolutely no one has come foward from another institution and politely said…hey, what the F*CK!!!!


    would the NCAA be subject to a lawsuit from UNLV, Cuse, etc for punishing them for low APRs?


    Breaking News: Syracuse University has declared its now UNCS. The Official University of North Carolina at Syracuse to avoid any more sanctions or punishment from the NCAA.


    And not just the ones that were sanctioned.

    As I posted earlier:
    “Why has every coach, AD, and dean across the country got their head in the sand (or somewhere else)? Surely there’s a few that feel their program could withstand a retaliatory investigation by the ncaa. Shouldn’t there be a tremendous uprising of outcry and protest???!!!

    I know if had one of those positions, I’d be raising holy hell!


    This is a prime example of regulatory capture.

    UNC’s delay tactics bought them enough time to fix things and apparently, they did.

    I marvel at the breathtaking crookedness of UNC and the corruption of the NCAA. What UNC has pulled off is truly extraordinary, the biggest cheat in all of college sports with minimal sanctions.

    This is an outrage. I agree with Ryebread on this one.


    Funny, but now I’m seeing that some of you guys also have alter egos on Pack Pride…Identical posts or plagiarism???

    I plead guilty also because this site got “way too quiet”!

    However, I still have not “given up”…my grave site is too close to V’s to risk doing anything like that…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Same here ‘Stick, although I do not own another alternative alter ego, anywhere.

    The old guys had it right on the first go around, and I am stickin’ with it until disposition day.


    One of life’s truism’s is that it is far easier to be successful if you don’t let ethics get in the way.

    There’s a good chance you won’t be caught and even if you are, there’s a good chance the person dispensing the justice is either corrupt or naive enough to let you walk. Unc-ch has played the system to a tee. Their faculty and administration would rather have rings than integrity.

    As far as what to do about it – I would love for Yow and Woodson to issue a public statement advising we will no longer play them. Of course, such a tact requires that you are fairly pure and not doing anything remotely as shady. Unfortunately, I am not sure that’s the case. (I am not saying it is not, but I can’t otherwise understand idly sitting by Or working behind the scenes – which doesn’t work any better with the NCAA office than it does with ACC officials.)


    Stick: I post at both with pretty much identical messaging and an almost identical users. My thoughts are my thoughts, but they’re shared with different people. I have people that I like to discuss things with on each site.

    I stand by my statement. Just stop playing UNC. I’d bet that FSU, GT, Syracuse and Miami would join us given that all got way more from the NCAA and ACC for less. I’d bet that Clemson would too. The ACC would either completely implode or sanction UNC.

    Come on NC State. Give me something to believe in. By standing idly by, you are effectively complicit.

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