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    Note: Picture from NC State Athletics. Trevor Lacey’s 3-pointer at the buzzer in overtime gave NC State a season-saving win today 81-80 over Georgia T
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    Hahaha I didn’t even notice Cat standing there all statue-esque.




    Too bad. Not sure I’ve ever seen so much talent, at least as far as professional scouting organizations are concerned, that so underwhelms. Good thing we weren’t facing Wofford. Remember when we played the hardest schedule in the Milky Way Galaxy so we would be prepared? Yeah, that’s worked. No question, the guy can recruit. Other than that, I’ve completely lost faith. Someone else has said it before, there is a ceiling on Gottfried.


    I can’t stop watching that Vine. There may be a ceiling to Gott but playing 3rd hardest schedule in the country with a legit chance to win every game has me satisfied. We’re capable of beating any team in the country. Boo Hoo!


    What we don’t know about playing good basketball is a lot.

    Nice shot though. I am fully back to not caring mode. I actually startled myself when I unconciously threw my hands in the air and let out a cheer at the end there.

    We are not very good at basketball.

    Alpha Wolf

    As I said in the game thread, throwing away big leads and coming out flat against lesser opposition is a hallmark of Gottfried’s coaching, dating all the way back to Alabama.

    Yes, college basketball is a game of runs and nothing can ever be taken for granted in the ACC, but it gets maddening to see a talented team giving away double-digit leads by not playing hard-nosed, smart hoops after watching them do exactly that in the first half of the same game. It’s truly frustrating to see the team let up and not put away an opponent with a strong start after the break. Or letting an obviously lesser opponent build a 20 point lead by coming out flat. But that’s our DNA, not this season, but last season and in years past too.

    We got lucky today, to be blunt.


    I’m with Lawful and Kahn……sos just a different day.


    Constantly giving up big leads is totally frustrating, and really makes one wonder what the F that’s all about. Especially when St Louey sends you packing last year in that fashion.

    But, the team is hanging in. He hasn’t lost them, yet. They are fighting. I respect that. But like many others, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot to beat our chests about. Extremely inconsistent. Game to game. Half to half. Really annoying.


    Haha – I noticed Cat on the second viewing of the ESPN highlight. Got a good laugh out of that.

    All other concerns aside, how cool is it that a guy can run full speed down the court, pull up from 26(?) feet and make it?


    Obviously happy to scratch out a win, but I’ve got no confidence that anything is going to get better.
    Can’t see us breaking the pattern and winning at WF. (can’t win more than one in a row) So after that game, we are right back to hoping for a miracle finish.


    A good day just turned great! We win in OT, and the Cheaters lose in OT. And hey, they lost a big lead to take the L.


    All I gotta say is, F you Chandler Parsons!


    At least we can console ourselves that we are not Georgia Tech fans. They have lost:
    at Notre Dame in 2 OT,
    to Syracuse by 1,
    to Notre Dame by 3,
    at Pittsburgh by 5,
    to BC by 2,
    and NCSU by 1 in OT.
    They scored 28 against UVA and beat Miami by 20.


    The more I watch this team the less impressed I am with the talent. The front court in particular is quite pedestrian.

    Abu is by far the gem of the 4/5 position but is too raw to make it past 20 minutes without fouling out. To me, Anya was a recruiting miss and will never make it pass a bit role. Freeman is a role player. No more, no less. Washington is a net positive (mostly) on offense but a huge negative defensively. Gott damn near killed him a couple of times today, I’ve never seen him that angry at a player.

    The success of this team relies on the wings (counting the Martin collective) and Barber. And that’s a tough way to make hay. I get the sense Gott is building to next season with the year almost a throw away. Fans don’t like to hear that, but this team is flawed because we have so many one dimensional players.

    Now the real issue is we only have the rifleman coming in next season. So Gott is putting his eggs in (a) no transfers and (b) some significant improvement in the post. A lot of the frustration has been placed toward the PG position, but our interior is softer than Charmin, can’t make FTs, cant convert, and that has cost us in close games.

    In the end, it’s either a product of recruiting misses, poor development (coaching), or a combination.


    On a somewhat related note, it’s amazing how accurate the lines can be at times. I think we closed at -1. LOL


    In case anyone forgets how this story goes….

    Part One: We make a run and somehow make the NCAA tourney this year (most likely having to win the ACC tourney). We either flop in the first tourney game or come out on fire and advance to be beat down in the 2nd round.

    Part 2: We have a player leave the program for greener/different pastures. We pick up another JUCO who “could” be the perfect player. We wait and see they are good but need more development. Wait till next year syndrome starts and then they don’t really develop.

    Record all the games this year and then change the date on them next year. Watch them again since it will be the same result next year. Sub out a UNC, Duke, UVA or UL win in there somewhere to give us false hope.

    Still happy we won today but we are still flying with one engine and low on fuel. Hoping to make a rough landing in the NCAA tourney and keeping the plane in tact so it can still be used for rough sky’s next year.


    Bama: “so many one dimensional players.”

    Totally agree. Not sure if that is an indictment of the coaching staff or the players (or both), but it is true. The freshman class appears to have the potential to break the mold and be good on both ends – but they still have a lot to learn.

    Hoping more playing time will help them, it definitely has helped Malik improve lately. As a group, they are 7th, 8th, and 9th in minutes played. Only Dez has fewer.

    Caleb has played 397 mins, Malik 374, and Cody only 173.
    For contrast, BeeJay has played 412 and Nard 385. Cat’s at 620.And of course Trevor is the highest at 750.

    (not sure if those numbers include today)


    Great day of basketball – and I was able to enjoy it.

    We have the talent to play with anybody – if we play hard and smart. But…


    Win is a win but, unless we have something great happen we are not going dancing. Lets face the truth. Gott is building for next year


    We won on a last second deep three, we won a game that we really should have lost yet again in the same sickening fashion so unlike many of you I’m not ready to set up my lawn chair on the front row of any NC State Basketball parade. I am however excited to see Anthony Barber playing with confidence. Mr. Barber has annoyed me beyond word this whole year and I’ve voiced it here. The kid is talented but he has yet to show he has it “up stairs” to compete in the ACC. May be today was a step in the right direction (almost 2 years in). SOOOOOO thankful for Mr. Lacey!!!! What a big time player.

    Gott is building for next year????? Oh, that’s reassuring


    This team showed a lot of heart in a road win, against a team that has proven they are not an easy out, while we would love to be 19-0 the truth is we have shown we are no Duke caliber program, while the team appears to be somewhat Jekyll looking for Mr. Hyde, we cannot forget that they have as much potential to win as they do to loose. while the game against Clemson made us look like a rabid Fox, today the Wolf showed up. WE can only hope the Fox has died and has come back as a zombiefied WEREWOLF!!!

    My only criticism is that GOTT seems to have motivational issues, its like we can only prepare for a game, after a lost.


    I should have been clearer: too bad we won. This will only make it more difficult to get rid of him. As evidenced by the fact that we lose to inferior talent, coaching is more important than recruiting.


    Lucky win, but we deserved it.

    My view is that G is just not that good a coach. Good recruiter, yes. The patterns are the same in just about every game. We have some serious talent issues too. But G, IMO, isn’t up to it. I have lost faith and interest. It is so obvious that he is among the the bottom fourth of coaches in the ACC. Just like watching Sid, or OCain, or herb coach in the last year or two of their tenures. You knew it had plateaued and/or was sinking.

    Our players really don’t know how to play team defense. They don’t know how to be in position on either end of the court. Our offense is painful to watch. I do not buy into the concept that our players are stupid. G has not grown as a coach. He is either too cocky or dumb to progress. He never talks to the assistants at timeouts. We struggle in so many basic BB areas, you can see the coaching issues dominate this team. Would love to see him be successful, but can’t see

    Yes, we can be mid third ACC team with G. But, he will never compete with any of the top 6 coaches in the conf.


    Win is a win but, unless we have something great happen we are not going dancing. Lets face the truth. Gott is building for next year

    and what happens when we are a bubble team again next year? I just dont think the dude can coach. His teams all the way back at Bama were the exact same.

    I fully expect to lose Freeman, probably Anya (if his minutes keep decreasing) and Cat wouldnt surprise me either

    I absolute detest all the “WTNY” talk.

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