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    I was very disappointed in this hire. However after watching that press conference I’m feeling much better. He really sounds like he has the drive and desire to turn this around, it will still be a steep climb but I get the feeling he’s up to it. He sounds like somebody the team will respond to. I expect plenty of bumps but I really feel like we will see improvement. And he said he loved the passion that we fans have, I for one am excited and ready to see what he can do!

    Class of 95


    I never thought we’d get a “name” hire. Keatts has a good resume in that he turned around a mess and won championships at the lower level. I wish we had more visibility to longer term consistency of performance but if we did he probably would have been picked up by another bigger name school. Welcome to the Pack!


    Kevin Keatts press conference as the new NC State coach. Should find it there.


    Watched the vid, so far so good. As they say in Fuquay “you done the talkin’ part.” I do like his energy, the description of his game style and his awareness of the trade-offs. I also liked his personal commitment to player development.

    Debbie is right, winning IS fun. KK has embraced the delusional fans from day one, as opposed to others who kept them at arms length.

    If Thomas Allen stays in the fold that will be a good sign. Here’s hoping that Y7 hangs around another year.


    State womens totally robbed today. Awful officiating, in key situations at the end of the game. We deserved to move on. Thanks refs!


    The best thing about that press conference was a public commitment to the same style of play that he had at UNCW. Keatts said he believed it worked at Hargrave, worked at Wilmington and worked at the highest level at Louisville. That’s music to my ears because that attacking style is what I’ve wanted to see out of NC State for a long, long time. He rightly said that the fan base will find it entertaining, and I loved that he said that if the fans paid to show up, he felt it was the team’s job to put forth maximum effort.

    It will be interesting to see how the staff is assembled.


    Couldn’t agree more, Ryebread. I have been yearning for that style as well.

    Hell, we haven’t any sort of identifiable style the past 11 years. I believe every elite program has a style of play that players and fans understand and identify with that program/coach. Lowe nor Gottfried had one. I was no Sendek fan, but at least he had a system once Larry Hunter arrived and recruited players to fit that system. Recently it seems our recruiting strategy is just throwing darts at the board and hoping it all comes together.

    Can’t wait for pressure defense, forcing turnovers, and fast-paced offense. Finally.


    One thing I took away from that press conference is that Keatts intent is to win AND from what his records shows he can and will do that. The ready to do that indication for us as fans is the first game next fall. If we see a lean mean running machine then you can bet it will be GAME ON. I believe they WILL be in shape, real good running shape from the get go. Speed on the court as on the football field can overcome lots of other deficiencies. I saw less that a full half of any State game this season. I could not stand to watch because every time I did all I saw was them standing around on defense and plodding up the court on offense. Heck, one would have thought they were a team of Eeyores, that’s the way they played.

    Smarter than the average bear


    i do think Allen fits Keatts system/style very well.


    The “40 minutes of He77” style of play has been shown to top out around a 5-7 seed. You saw Arkansas yesterday crater on offense when they had to play half court. They still would have won with reasonable refs, but you have to have a system that works in the half court. That is what I will be looking for more than anything else.


    I guess we will see if the four out one in motion offense will work with next year’s roster. Maybe he knows other offenses untill he builds the team he wants.


    Of all the comments he made, his personal focus on player development was the part that resonated for me. Not entrusting that to the assistant coaches, that’s a really good thing. When you can go into a recruit’s home and look him in the eye and tell him, “I personally will help you get better.” That is powerful.

    As much as I hate Roy, that is a trademark of their program. The players get better.

    I love to hear comments like, “this is what we do” and “this is who we are.” That’s program building stuff.

    I give him an A+ for his first day. But, you’d expect every new coach to win the introductory press conference.


    Winning the presser is easy. I’d like to see a good in game coach, making strategic adjustments. Gott was a C- at best and regularly out coached by the likes of Roy or K. I’m not sure about this pressing defense thing, sounds like a gimmick, I’d rather see a coach with a real defensive system that can just shut people down. And can we get back to recruiting top shooters? Feels like that stat has regularly dropped. If he can keep all eligible in the fold this is a 7 seed team at worst.


    If he can keep all eligible in the fold this is a 7 seed team at worst.

    Team goes 4-14 in the ACC last year, loses by far its best player, no impact freshmen/transfers coming in, and it’s supposed to be “at worst” at borderline top 25 team? Dude.

    If he can double the ACC win total and get to the NIT, it will be a positive first step.


    addition by subtraction. Yes a sophmore Markell is better for the team then a frosh DSJ coming off an ACL. And suddenly it’s a deep, older team with lead rebounder returning. Still contingent on keeping the core together.


    ^I hope you are right. This was the worst defensive team in recent ACC history, statistically, and they will be learning a completely different offensive and defensive system. Some of the players probably will not fit those systems well. I’m just not expecting a miraculous turnaround (and I would be saying that with any coach we hired).


    Well the thing to worry about now is transfers,

    Smith – Gone, to the draft, no question.
    Anya – Gone, senior, no question.
    Yurt – He is waiting for information from the draft guys and needs to make a decision.
    Henderson – He is waiting to see if he gets that 6th year, if he gets it, he will be back.
    Abu – Sounds as if he is playing in red and white next year, likes what the coach is saying.
    Dorn – Sounds like he will be back and so far likes the hire.
    Hicks – Sounds like he will be back and was recruited before by Keatts, so they have a history.
    Freeman – Sounds like he is ready to run and likes the coach.
    After that the rest are oddly silent.

    Maverick – In picture with Keatts and the rest of team, no comments or interviews. Weirdly wearing Nike gear during photo.
    Kapita, Kirk, and Markell – All in picture with Keatts and the rest of team, also no comments or interviews.

    Gottfried – Best guess is he will not be on team, and was not present in team picture with Keatts.
    Corchiani, Jr., Newman, and Thompson – In team picture with Keatts, should be back.
    Brickhouse – Gone, senior congrats!!!


    Good insight.

    Kirk has been somewhat vocal as Coach Keatts did recruit him and got to know him. Abu had comical quip about the Conditioning part of the meeting wore him out physically.

    One of the excuses before was ran out of legs. Also took its toll on J shots and FT at end of game.

    I’m on board. Plan to shake his hand at Coaches Caravan and give him JV audiobook. Gott never listened to it despite “respecting” our heritage.


    No real reason we should lose anyone besides the expected graduation and DSJ as a first rounder.

    Improving over the past two season is an expectation, not a hope, since we have hit very “Lowe” levels of performance (sorry Sid).
    Achieving what Gottfried did in his best seasons is also an expectation, which if the hype is real is achievable in the first 2-3 years, and is sustainable only if K’s trajectory translates to this level.


    Don’t be shocked if Henderson plays that 6th year somewhere else as a grad transfer.

    I can’t believe Yurt will be told he’s ready to play in the NBA. I think he values the education enough to pick State over the D League.

    I really hope Mav comes back. He has been expected to do more than normal during his first two seasons. It would be nice to see him play in a cohesive system where team defense offsets some of his athletic limitations


    After that the rest are oddly silent.

    Maverick – In picture with Keatts and the rest of team, no comments or interviews. Weirdly wearing Nike gear during photo.
    Kapita, Kirk, and Markell – All in picture with Keatts and the rest of team, also no comments or interviews.

    Only 4 were made available for interviews. Don’t read anything into lack of comments.


    I have to believe that this hire is going to work out for the best. All the what ifs are over and done. I am looking forward to a much better next season.


    This is an interesting (OK…Company PAID) article…but it does give me (if not you and you are still on the ledge about not seeing Archie…then don’t trash or read it….just move on)…

    Seems to be well read and articulate and also has a certain GOAL. I like Goal Oriented people…but I also suspect that Jimmy V had some spontenaity….so I would hope that he can go with the flow and still keep his eyes on the objective.

    There was one tweet with a link that I was drawn to and it is by Tim Peeler….admittedly a person with a bias….but an interesting side of Keatts.

    NOW, what struck me was “Randy’s” comments. This looks like something that has been in the works. If you then go back over all the “gossip” that we read here….it would seem that the decision to part ways with MG actually started a while back. Wendell Murhphy’s influence (Mr. Pig Farmer) can be seen here….and since he writes a LOT of checks with a LOT of zeros, then until I or some here start reciprocating….he will be Mr. Pig Farmer Donor, SIR…
    This adds some continuity to the whole process and I really DO feel much better about it…and Keatts seems like a great hire. Wonder if he likes Pasta?

    Welcome Coach Keatts…may you wax poetically and may we attend many dances and take Cinderella home, again….


    The “40 minutes of He77? style of play has been shown to top out around a 5-7 seed.

    1. Pitino has won 2 championships and been to 7 Final Fours, and K2’s system has roots/overlap with Pitino’s system.

    2. How many teams have really played “40 minutes of hell” style? Arkansas under Nolan Richardson. VCU under Shaka (and other coaches?). How many others? Bottom line, it’s a small sample size, and those programs did not have resources/situation comparable to State.

    This doesn’t prove K2 will succeed, but I certainly do not believe there is any proof that he cannot succeed with his system.

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