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    Nothing has changed…metaphorically.

    … and nothing has changed… realistically…

    I’m predicting some Street Justice will be enforced on the HOLES, Saturday afternoon, November 25th in Carter Stadium….

    There’s no good reason not to hang 50 on ’em…
    and I’m sure in Chubb’s last game, our D will get their licks too…


    btw… I gave up on the Vietnam War series after 3 or 4… still waiting for someone to tell me something I didn’t already know and it was kinda like KB&Company still had a burr up the a##es with dead men… esp. McNamara, Johnson and Nixon….

    that and KB didn’t tell the story Eric Goldman from Yale told in Tompkins Hall in 1974….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    gso packbacker

    I believe Chop is right about the cluster at UofM and Penn State impacting this.

    On a positive note, the US Men’s National Soccer Team must be absolutely delighted that their failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup may be overshadowed by the NCAA and their attempt to wrestle away and capture another most embarrassing moment in sports history!


    I have reached peak disgust with the NCAA

    john of sparta

    ….Can someone please answer a very basic question: Why would a prestigious university
    create fake classes if not for athletes? Just scratching my head on that one.

    1. for legacy admissions.
    2. for prestigious professors.
    3. for grant money.

    A. legacies couldn’t qualify without parentage, and couldn’t graduate without some “help”, so if
    they have the money to pay for a full ride, and their parents are alumni who matter, then
    a “paper only” class is for them. Yale used to do this for legacies and the famous.
    B. big-shot professors who will not lecture more than once (to establish presence) and who will
    do research only (for big money), need classes for payroll purposes at some public universities.
    C. as with most things, it usually comes down to money. ex: funded by the Annenberg Foundation.
    have to have a real or fake class to get the grant. cheaper to fake it.


    ^…. at the same state supported, no pun intended, *niversity that supports protests and removing Silent Sam….

    Hypocrisy at it’s worse…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Skitchwolf – great post.

    Essentially the NCAA is a club that says: we have a certain pre set rules we expect you to abide by, if you break them, you will self report. If we find out you broke our 10 Commandments- no mercy. If you have broken the golden rule: we shall rely on you to report it And admit a violation, because, that is the heart of our mission.and we know,you wouldn’t ruin your reputation based on that.

    Well, UNC cheat said “Yes, we punched our neighbor. Slept with their 18 year old daughter, and dumped our garbage on their lawn. But we promise, we didn’t violate the golden rule.”

    The club just said, “well, if you said so.”


    Bilas called it exactly as it played out.


    North Carolina Athletic Association.


    Never forget.

    Never stop hating.

    No mercy.

    Delenda est chapel hill



    Bilas didn’t “call” it. Bilas and the talking heads were given the exact script from the NCAA prior to last year’s NCAA tournament. If one remembers the coverage of the UNC games (vomit that I admit that they were even on in my presence), the media clearly were told by the NCAA or UNC’s lawyers what was going to happen. They were brushing over all the other violations and focusing on the academic scandal, yet at the same time saying that everything was fine because some “regular” students benefited as well. I knew something was really rotten then and Friday just proved it.

    It is easy to appear prescient when one already knows the outcome………….. Bilas was just “blue” enough and go argue that it was “right.”

    Both of these series of events make me dislike UNC and Bilas even more….


    You have to admit, the defense team hired by UNC’s money had a stellar strategy. The choreography went something like this:

    1) Ok, we’ve already admitted fraud to SACS – we HAD to, it was the only path to getting just the probation. And besides, it’s completely self-evident.
    2) Remember that things are different now – the NCAA can’t prosecute us for something we don’t admit to. So, we don’t admit to fraud.
    3) This means that the only path to prosecution is “extra benefits”. If they go down that path, all we have to do is show that other students (not athletes) had access to these “classees”, then it can’t be “extra”.
    4) Then, at the hearing, when they ask us about the SACS document (stay with me now), we have to hold our noses, and say out loud, while trying to keep a straight face, “the word ‘fraud’ in the SACS document was just a typo.”
    5) Ok, now hang with me, this is gonna sound crazy…but then we have to get the University administration, the same ones who called this a fraud to SACS, to say nope, sorry NCAA, none of your business. No, we won’t say the word fraud. I know, I know, sounds crazy, but that’s what we need to do…
    6) After the hearing, make sure every public opportunity is made to show confidence, and don’t lost any opportunity to bluster in private about lawsuits…

    Every single piece of this strategy fell into place like clockwork. And the NCAA either bought it, or was too afraid to challenge, most likely the latter. It was ENTIRELY within the purview of the COI to accept the SACS document as proof of fraud and act on it. If they accept the fraud, the athletes instantly become ineligible, and they can sanction. They WILLFULLY declined the opportunity. This cements their sordid place in history – not only are they effectless paper tigers, they are f*cking cowards.

    I don’t know what I expected. Deep down, I never thought any banners were in play. But NOTHING AT ALL also never occurred to me.

    I guess I’m in the minority…no athletic booty is worth this kind of betrayal. Not even in the name of a football natty will I rationalize diminishment of what my degree represents. I worked hard for my degree, and it enabled me to lift myself out of a family history of poverty, and make a career for myself. It provided a path for my parents to support me and ensure that I had more opportunity than they ever did. I don’t understand the casual “whatever” that I get from so many otherwise rational, logical friends (who happen to be UNC alums). Hey, the non-alums, I get – but I don’t care about them, and don’t pay them the slightest attention. But the alums – I confess, I will never understand how anyone can rationalize the academic implications away and still seem proud of the athletic accomplishment. Never.


    UNC simply out lawyered the NCAA. If the case had went to trial, not only would UNC’s records been subject to public consumption, so would the NCAA’s, something I don’t think they wanted to happen. In addition, UNC hired a former official from the NCAA to help with their defense, someone who knew the ends and outs of not only the process, but the NCAA. They were outsmarted playing their own game.


    Looks like other ACC fans have same feelings about UNC Cheat

    Virginia Tech wins 59-7. Does what NCAA did not and imposes one-year bowl ban on 1-7 North Carolina. #Hokies — @AndyBitterVT


    I’ve never said the sodomites of Orange County were stupid.

    The modern minstrel show continues.



    Butch Davis at top left of screen stating “I wish I had known” is priceless …

    Great summary of the event

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