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    Probably not…
    ’cause somebody will appeal…. reporting….

    Coming Friday: UNC will receive NCAA Committee on Infractions report

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I personally do not enjoy disappointment therefore I’m not looking forward at all for the NCAA report regardless if it’s Friday, Monday, Tuesday…whenever. The fact any of us hold any ounce of hope the NCAA will levy any sort of serious punishment to the establishment is sad.


    It’s toooo late and I don’t care and it will never be what they deserve.


    So if I am reading this right they got nothing…unless someone is trolling.


    Move along…nothing to see here…


    Nothing. Exactly what I expected. The worst academic scandal in the history of the NCAA and they find zilch.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Not surprised but still pisses me off.
    The NCAAs mythical concept of the “student athlete” was just thrown out the window.


    This is what I told you would happen. The NCAA is a joke as is college sports. Full of corruption and cheating and no one cares.


    So even though UNC admitted to improper benefits in women’s basketball, they received no penalty? I don’t understand what all the fuss was about and 4 year investigation. Is this the way the NCAA wants things run? Crazy. Do they have an explanation of what happened?


    Actually, I think this all goes back to 2 cases:
    Penn State

    In the Penn State case, they totally out stepped their boundaries and punished them severely for something they had no business punishing them at all for.

    In the Miami case, their investigators crossed the lines.

    The UNC case was different.There was definitely enough there to show fraud, illegal benefits, whatever – but they never admitted academic fraud to the NCAA and fought them every step of the way. The NCAA figures – these are colleges, they will themselves in. In most cases that assumption is correct.

    But with this ruling, they have just green lighted bs majors filled with correspondence courses in every major university.

    But hey, like I said, the fact that our AD and Chancellor don’t say bubkus tells you all you need to know.

    I would hope that UNC-Ch’s behavior would discredit it as an academic institution, but unfortunately, especially at schools dominated by liberal arts, ethics and logic are already upside down, so we all know that won’t be the case.


    Surely this ends the NCAA as a viable organization…maybe that was the objective all along?!


    Thanks Chop, that explains some of it to me. I’m also assuming this paves the way for pay to play. It’s too bad we are here, but I guess we’ve been here all along? As Trump would say, “Sad!”.


    The only reasonable conclusion any school that aims to compete with UNC can take away from this is to start cheating egregiously and begin hiring a team of lawyers. That IS the message.


    Simple. Follow the money. UNC is in bed with the NCAA. Louisville should be livid.


    After further review, the ruling on the field stands.


    UNC = Unattended Negro Classes.


    Agree or am I just plain stupid. The absolute worst tragedy here is that NC State, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Lville, UVA, VT, so on and so on continue to abide by the NCAA and not say a single word about this. Same day the NCAA rules one of our freshman ineligible. FUK the NCAA, at this point they have proven themselves to be a worthless entity that is beyond corrupt. Not one of the power 5 conferences needs the NCAA in any shape or manor. The SEC and ACC have enough revenue we could buy the NCAA, many of the power 5 have their own networks. In our particular case I say suit the damn kid up and play him, again FUK the NCAA.


    I mean is the NCAA that big of a bully that all us kids just sit around scared to death to stand up for the kid continuously getting his ass kicked???? Is there no AD around with the balls to hold a press conference denouncing the NCAA and this epic fail? Guess not, we are all Bitches of UNC


    Before I start, I apologize for the length of this diatribe. As I wrote it, one thought led to another and it got kind of long:

    If I were an AD or Chancellor of a university that had been sanctioned by the NCAA for academic-related infractions, I would be calling my lawyers – pronto. I would have them take a long hard look at my case and see if this ruling has opened the door to suing the NCAA. Admittedly, it is sort of a unique case (let’s hope) and probably no other school in the country has so seriously compromised its academic integrity to win ball games; but I would take a second look.

    I wonder if the NCAA punted on this because they felt like that this would be dragged into court (which it would) and knew that a court would adjudicate it based purely on the letter-of-the-law? Even though the whole scheme was clearly utilized to provide an unfair advantage over other schools – a clear violation of the overall intent of the NCAA rules (at the cost of making any student’s diploma that contained one of these classes a lie and at the cost of the school’s academic reputation), the NCAA refused to punish UNC because it couldn’t win in court. Make no mistake, what UNC has done here is walk out of “court” based on a technicality.

    Note to all NCAA Member Institutions: When the NCAA comes calling, don’t cooperate – LAWYER UP!

    Of course, all of us who attended college (NCSU, Class of 1989 and Appalachian State, Class of 1981) know that the term “student” part of “student athlete” was often only loosely applied to some of our classmates. State has its share of humorous stories (both true and apocryphal) about some of our former student athletes and we love to recite them. Likewise, every college seems to have a set of less-than-challenging courses (Geology 101 – aka “rocks for jocks”, Theory of Recreation 201, etc., etc.) that are places where athletes (and other students) looking for an “easy A” can get one. However, I see the difference here being that the students actually have to attend the classes and do the work themselves. The bar may be very low and the tutors may provide the athletes with lots of coaching to get them over the bar, but in the end they still have to do the work, take the tests, etc. This ruling seems to say that not even a pretense of scholarship is necessary. That seems just one step too far to me.

    So, where do we go from here? Do all the other universities begin setting up their own sham systems? Do they keep doing what they’ve been doing? Is success in sports important enough to forfeit the academic integrity of the university as a whole? My guess is that it will simply be “business as usual” – whatever that is – because this is all now a multi-billion-dollar business.

    Finally the sad bit: I was having a conversation the other day with one of my dearest friends who is a life-long UNC fan – though not an alum. We both agreed that we would cheer just as hard at the State/UNC game if the guys on the field were a bunch of non-scholarship guys that would never sniff the NFL/NBA. Intercollegiate athletics is SUPPOSED to be about school pride and bragging-rights – not money. I know that is UTTERLY NAIVE and money has been in college athletics for almost as long as there has been college athletics. But the NCAA was supposed to try to keep the field level so that, at least, all the players were “students” of some form or another – not just hired guns. Now, even that last shred of innocence is gone and it’s simply another “development-league” for the NFL and NBA – and your Mom and Dad were wrong: Cheaters do win.


    The fake classes were just one leg of a MULTI legged cheating scandal. How does the rest of it get completely left out of the discussion?

    No mention by the NCAA about the plagiarism, the professors changing grades, the driving of luxury cars by the players, the agents on staff, the failure to cooperate, the tutor, players being flown all over the country, etc, etc, etc. What’s the explanation for sweeping everything else under the rug?


    I really picked a bad day to catch another episode of the Vietnam series.

    Nothing has changed…metaphorically.




    Can someone please answer a very basic question: Why would a prestigious university create fake classes if not for athletes? Just scratching my head on that one.

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