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    IPTAY used to stand for, “It’s Probation Time Again, Y’all”. As we await the kickoff to our ACC brethren’s attempt to claim their second national cham
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    Football news for State, as DD has hired the Boise State OC. Sounds like great news. No more predictable offense, we have come accustomed to. Perhaps a new blog on this news would be appropriate. Would love to hear more.


    How does the 15,000 members, 700 volunteers, $60 mil, and $25.5 mil compare to the other top schools in the ACC and also us haha? I’m just trying to get perspective.


    Big gulps huh?


    Teufel, I don’t have the donor $$ but I have total athletic dept. revenues as of 2014 from a Washington Post analysis this past December (sorry, I don’t have a link just the hard copy):

    1. Florida State – $96.8 million
    2. N. Carolina – $76.5
    3. Virginia – $70.5
    4. Clemson – $70.4

    8. NCSU – $63.7
    9. Pitt – $62.8

    *Public Univ. only, private don’t have to report

    These #s don’t equate to total donor contributions – that’s a whole different bucket of discretionary money. Don’t have time to search for the athletic donor #s but I remember seeing figures put out by the WPC (more than once) that had Clemson far & away the leader by total dollar contribution w/ FSU a distant 2nd.


    Interesting. Obviously a direct correlation between money and W/L. Not that it’s all that shocking. But good to see proof. I wonder what other schools have taken the “wide” approach that Clemson has and what the median donation is per year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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