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    We are still in the hunt for Malik Newman along with a bunch of others. My guess is Anthony Grant’s current job situation had to drop Alabama off of the list for his services. I’ve always liked him as a coach although his results didn’t follow him to Tuscaloosa.

    I totally hope Gott reaches out to him to see if would join the staff and maybe pull a few recruits in with him. He’ll still be getting paid by Alabama the next few years hopefully so we won’t have to offer him a huge deal to make the move to Raleigh.

    Enough of my mind at work… I just hope we get some good kids to say yes. Life is easier with guys like Lacey and Barber in the fold.


    The biggest problem with our roster right now is spacing. Junior class next year is

    We had better bring in somebody that can contribute this year and certainly next year will be critical. Gott has done well with transfers


    With Dez graduating we’re a little too thin in the ball handler dept. If Henderson can handle the ball some that would mitigate some concerns, or if a Martin can develop into a point forward. Otherwise could use one of those graduate transfer fellows.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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