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    It sounds like NC State should release its own talking points to counter the talking points of the media

    It would be nice to do to shut down the BS that’s out there but it would look like piling on.


    Plus the off-court stuff would still have been going on, leaving us in a very exposed position.

    This is no way to run a basketball program, and if a 1-in-1,000,000,000 lotto ticket pays off (which is what that would be), it should change nothing strategically.

    All this goes back to is WHY YOU DON’T let him coach out the season. Find the assistant who is willing to audition for other employers by doing a stand-up, professional, QUIET job, and let him do it.

    But that would involve proactive thinking, DY saying “no” to her buddy and admitting she made a mistake in taking a public line against an interim coach.

    You can’t trust Mark Gottfried. If nothing else, that should have been crystal clear by now.


    All this goes back to is WHY YOU DON’T let him coach out the season.

    Agreed. That’s all I was saying. Who is the boss? Gott or Yow?


    You know you guys have a point.

    While I respect that Gott wanted to stay for his kids, the idea of moving up an assistant for an audition is true.

    The best example: Bowden>Swinney

    Bowden resigned (? really) mid-season and Swinney, an assistant, stepped in. They made him HC and I thought “this is a scab until they can get someone”.

    How did that work out?!
    Also proves there are plenty of good people out there that aren’t A-listers. V wasn’t an A lister.


    Best comment I’ve seen re: Calimari’s rant – Cal sure wasn’t concerned about Gott’s job when he scooped Bam.


    The only thing Dabo proves is you don’t have to be a great Coach to win a national championship.


    What’s with all the hate toward State? Coaches get fired all the time. What am I missing here? I have to say though that the comments are pro-State.

    The sportswriters, pundits and commentators have it in for us. Plain and simple. It the same thing that has been going on for the past 30 years. It’s just younger hatchet men. Some have UNC ties. Others just want to be on the winning side.

    One of the commenters called Parrish out on the incomplete comparison he did, essentially cherry picking the data. This commenter pointed out Larranaga’s outstanding conference record and Gott’s poor conference record, a major point Parrish omitted in his hit piece.

    Most comments are pro-State but not all.

    And I agree with choppack there’s a lot of BS. Some of it is trolls posting such howlers as we fired Sendek, trotting out Chris Washburn, the Gollenbock allegations, Ad nauseum.

    This crucifixion in the media does not help us to find a new coach. As for the commentators who went out of their way to bad mouth us during the Saturday game they were supposed to be commentating on, they ought to be banned from our games. Tell ESPN to send someone else.


    invite Bilas, Parrish, et al. to Raleigh for a weekend, show them the renovated Reynolds and hall of fame. “catch more flies with honey” sort of thing.

Viewing 8 posts - 101 through 108 (of 108 total)
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