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    After a nearly perfect first quarter from NC StateNC State threw repeated jabs to the face of the #1 ranked Florida State Seminoles but the uber-talented Noles claw back to keep their 20 game winning streak alive. Despite the loss, I’m here to give you a few reasons why this game was a positive step for Dave Doeren’s program.

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    Good summary.

    They grabbed, pushed, blocked and bumped the WRs well outside the five yard range and it got us out of rhythm.

    To be clear, in college that’s good, strategic defense. Unlike the NFL, there’s no 5-yard rule in college. The defense can make contact until the ball is thrown. That physicality made it tough on JB12 when the blocking broke down fast. He was under pressure all night and was stellar.

    As for the “injuries” slowing down the offense, this could be stopped easily with new rules. But on the whole, coaches have shown little interest in doing anything about it.


    Nothing really to add… I would LMAO if Jacoby was the 1st Team All-Conference QB and the reigning Heisman Trophy winner was 2nd or 3rd.

    Any chance we can make it 5 40+ point games this weekend?


    It’s time to send NC State Sh!t the way of HWSNBN


    Well almost nothing…

    In dealing with faked injuries, institute a rule similar to “Icing” in hockey. The team icing the puck cannot substitute, i.e., take advantage of the icing, but the other team can.

    Translated to football, the team on defense with the injured player cannot substitute except for the injured player. Attempts to ‘cheat’ by violating this rule get a 15 yard un-sportsman like conduct penalty. Sure the defense gets the benefit of additional rest but no other advantage. To make it really costly, the injured defensive player cannot return to the game during this possession. That should slow down faking injuries.

    No restrictions apply to the team on offense just as it is now.


    It’s time to send NC State Sh!t the way of HWSNBN

    WRONG! It’s PAST time. Violators go to the penalty box.


    Nice post.


    Doeren has had credibility since he signed the contract. He will be the best coach in the history of nc state football. I pray that DY will lock him up long term. As for FSU’s “dives” during the hurry up offense, I have been scanning the Internet to find injuries since the game ended and have not found one, not one. A dive is a dive. Ga Southern did the same thing to the point of being ridiculous. FSU fans should show that even one of those dives was a real injury before they judge state fans.


    Great synopsis….especially since it agrees with what I posted….

    Seriously, I felt NO remorse in leaving a few seconds early. I felt no remorse in the loss, other than we came really close. I did NOT have a target or an outlet to say…”You/it” cost us the game.

    Jacoby is phenomenal…and that is all there is to say. We have NOT seen a QB have that “edge” or spirit of competition since RW and PR. He is now, in my mind, in the top 3 of NCSU QB. Two of them are current starters on Sunday.

    Coach D really was honest and sincere and somewhat pointed in his presser. He laid it out….no sugar. If he had gone too much further, then Swoff would be negotiating a fine with Debbie on Monday. BUT, we ALL understood what he meant.

    One thing that really got me….other than the Non-Play that was reviewed was the “Review AFTER the completion of the Media TO”. It does NOT take a Graduate NCSU IE (of which I have half of such a degree….with my BS) to know that you use INTERNAL time to improve your efficiency. WHY they waited….GOD (and Buffalo Wild Wings and maybe Swoff) only know.

    The only thing that I might add to your stellar keystroking is that the CROWD should have been awarded a Game Ball. Having attended at least 50% of the CF games since it debuted, prior to my graduation, I can tell you that yesterday was perhaps the LOUDEST, LONGEST (as in duration of the “crowd” effect, and the most INTERACTIVE….that I have seen. I can not seriously think of a game with LESS enthusiasm….and that is saying something.

    GO PACK….and YES, yesterday is NOT the Baseline….we will have our ups and downs….but many will also say, I predict, that it was our “Presentation” (as in a Debutant being introduced at the ball) game. We will have to play hard to match it….and we will have to improve….and I think we can on both counts. Death Valley may turn out to be a debacle….but I’ll bet that Deebo is trying to figure out two things….a Game Plan and also HOW to get the Tig’s to understand that NCSU is NOT a pansy a$$ team…and maybe THAT is our greatest weapon next week. Whipping up on FSU like we did in the first quarter almost pulled out a victory.


    The first player down in the hurry up had been leg whipped. ON TV, the replay clearly showed it. It’s time to quit calling everything a cheat. But I have no problems with fans booing injured players in this situation until the NCAA change the rules. But they may not. There are some calling for rules to help the defense, like giving them 10 seconds to make substitutions. I call BS on that though.


    I thought NC State played quite well. The spread had tightened up over the week, so evidently there was a lot of late money to the Pack, so maybe it wasn’t as big of a surprise as some might have thought.

    The first quarter was a thing of beauty. That’s probably the best NC State has played in several years. Everything was clicking and we had FSU on the ropes. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t quite put them away. I knew when it was only 24-21 at the half that we were in trouble.

    – First quarter offensive plan. All the formations, changes, etc. seemed scripted and really caught FSU off guard.
    – Brisset made some great plays. He’s a game changer and reminded me of a mix of a bigger, stronger Jamie Barnette. We don’t have to have PR or RW back there, but if we’d have just had a Barnette over the years, we’d have done very well. He went toe to toe with Winston, and I’m not sure that JW was clearly better.
    – Forcing 3 turnovers and winning the turnover battle
    – Lots of individual efforts to be proud of
    – DD going after the officials after the game. I believe we need to do that some to get some respect, particularly as a young coach who is technically now on a 9 game ACC skid. He’s on the bottom of the pile with the ACC refs in “respect.”

    Things I didn’t quite understand:
    – The Wildcat. I’ve debated with some on this one. It worked in the first quarter, but FSU was eventually going to adjust………..
    – Abandoning the run outside of the wild cat. We were best when balanced. As good as JB was, he can’t beat FSU when they know we are conceding the run.
    – No onsides kick at the 6 minute mark. I didn’t think we could stop FSU.
    – Some of the calls were….. interesting. We didn’t lose because of them, but the officiating just wasn’t good.

    What I’m really hoping is that we can regroup, focus and carry some momentum into Death Valley. It’s really a shame that we didn’t get FSU in Tallahasee LAST week and Clemson in Raleigh this week. There’s hope against Clemson, but we need the same level of effort.


    Well NOW….how about this….

    I fully understand the AP and Coaches poll….don’t know DIDDLE about the CBS.COM 128.

    However FSU done lost the top dog spot in the Coaches poll. GOT to think that we had an influence on this. SO, give us some “recognition”….or maybe folks thought we were so BAD….but I tend to think that we did SHOW up the “Wizard”.

    Agree that we have to play at the same or even greater intensity next week and we have to NOT make mental errors..

    Really good to see us put a little tarnish on the FSU crown…

    GO PACK!

    PS, Duke is NOT in the poll…..ever figure that a Loss to an UNRANKED Miami would knock Duke OUT of the polls….ECU is still there… Note that Clemson is NOT in the polls….after almost defeating FSU last week and just “toying” with UNC. The Tig’s gonna want some BLOOD….


    If there was ever a good time to run the Wildcat, it was yesterday with all of those great recruits on the sidelines/stands. Nyheim Hines must have loved what he saw, Gallaspy sure did! Plus, we ran the ball “conventionally” quite enough, successfully. We didn’t abandon it all together.

    Appeasing recruits musn’t have been the ONLY reason we ran the Wildcat, but it proves that we are committed to an identity. Break the corner once or twice and it could have been a different story. My question concerning the Wildcat is why did we use it in short yardage situations? Was it a “power” package that I didn’t see?


    We’re young and still make some dumb mistakes, but heckuva effort on Saturday


    My take on the defensive player “diving” … Only let that player be substituted for AND the rest of the defense has to stay in the middle of the field, no going to the side lines and getting “coached up”, AND no coaches can come out on the field. There should be no way ANY advantage goes to the defense in this situation. It may give the D a rest, and truthfully no way to determine if it was a dive or not, BUT these rules would not allow any advantage for “taking a dive”. In hockey that’s a 2 minute minor.

    Smarter than the average bear


    The USF game was when I became a believer.

    I thought the offensive game plan yesterday was spectacular. Defensively, its a tough call. We won’t play a better offense than we played last night.
    I thought we were gassed after 1st quarter… Which is understandable.
    Great atmosphere. Some of the TDs and the reaction rivaled world cup games. I am thrilled the excitement is back in the Carter.

    And watching the game last night and the beating he took I joked with my friends that he won the Jamie Barnett award for courage so I agree with the earlier Barnett remark.

    Great job by team and staff. Hopefully we can bring our a game.


    As the song says: Hold That Tiger!

    john of sparta

    good show.


    Plain and simple our Canada Offense is pretty darn good. Wildcat or not our offense is not “boring” for sure. Nothing against Dana Bible/TOB but our offense is Much more confusing for opposing teams at the moment. I love the speed and some of the crazy plays even if they don’t always work. Sometimes it seems they stole the notebook of plays from the Waterboy movie. Bottom line is I like where the Offense is and the “fresh” wide open style. Brissett is perfectly matched for this style of offense.

    Our D needs work but recruiting will solve this.

    Overall a GREAT day for the Wolfpack yesterday….even with an Loss.


    Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy, but I thought we definitely sounded classless booing dudes on the ground. Smith (#24) was one of the first to go out when we booed. They worked on his left knee while he was on the ground and I didn’t notice him back in until a few series later, with an ace bandage on his knee and noticeably favoring it.

    Mitchell (11) was another guy we booed and I’m not sure I saw him back in the game much if at all after that.

    I suppose it is too much to ask an entire stadium to watch for them coming back in the game on the following snap and then booing. It kind of makes sense that they’d have injuries while we are in hurry up. They get winded and that leads to the injuries. Sucks for us but we look like real assholes for booing.


    Great summary. I was at the game. Couldn’t agree more with the write-up. I brought my friend, a die-hard Florida Gator with me (he wore red) and he said that was the most fun he’s had at a game in 10 years and he hopes that the SEC comes calling when they inevitably expand.

    -JB12 obviously played well — he certainly has all the tools. I’m not even sure I can say anything about his play that wasn’t obvious to us all. He did outplay Shameless Jameis. I know their numbers were similar but the amount of work that Jacoby had to do go get those numbers was substantially more and the protection ws far less. FSU ran the same post pattern to both sides of the field several times. The receivers just out-athleted our secondary. Couldn’t be more happy with our QB.

    -FSU’s fake injuries should be an embarrassment to their program. It’s lying and cheating and is as disgusting as Duke basketball.
    -Refs were horrible.
    -It’s Bo time!
    -Shad was a beast! He ceased to impress me with the yards he continuously picked up after contact.
    -Overall, it’s clear that our program is headed in the right direction on all levels.


    I really liked the play called when Leatham took over for JB for one play. Instead of a handoff, they went empty backfield and took a shot into the end zone. Pretty gutsy with a cold QB, but he threw it where only our guy could catch it. No TD, but to me it symbolized how State played the whole game.


    Hey CowDog, if you see this: is it just me, or do you see similarities between Bo Hines and your boy Abbrederis, formerly with Wisconsin? something about the way Bo runs his routes made me think that direction…?


    Hey CowDog, if you see this: is it just me, or do you see similarities between Bo Hines and your boy Abbrederis, formerly with Wisconsin? something about the way Bo runs his routes made me think that direction…?

    That’s it, thank you. I knew he reminded me of someone, but didn’t know who. Was thinking it was a former NC State WR but couldn’t place it. Now I understand why, it was a former NC State QB throwing him the ball.


    I thought we definitely sounded classless booing dudes on the ground.

    I started booing late in the game, when it became obvious. #90 was the worst. He was also the one most often getting gassed, even in the 1st quarter. After his ‘injury’, he lay motionless on the ground as if he was dead, only to quickly return to the game.

    The boos were for faking injuries, not actual injuries. Sure, a few mighta been legit, but it’s the cheating tactic that is getting the boos, not individual incidents. The fault lies with FSU for crying wolf too many times. If the FSU fans can’t see it, they’re stupid. If they refuse to see it, well, they’re being emotional fans absent of objectivity. Either way, the boos (late in the game) were well justified.

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