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    We’re not the only ones commenting on the continued poor non-conference scheduling (more background here). Pat Forde has some general comments about t
    [See the full post at: Forde: State has “Most Cowardly” Non-Conference Schedule]


    “Most Cowardly” should instead be called what it really is- “WORST”!

    The Michigan schedule has only 2 opponents outside the “Power Five” and is far better than ours; in addition to losing to ASU the last time they played them, the Wolverines also lost (at home) to the Utes in their last encounter. I was there for both.

    Most all “Power Five” schools will host smaller schools at one time or another, but few seem to make every season a cupcake feast like we do.

    Thanks again, Wolfpack administrators!

    Incidentially, those ASU folks who were responsible for this year’s trip to Ann Arbor (and ASU’s exit from the SOCON) look like the kind of folks NCSU would love to have in their ivory tower.


    Not an impressive out of conference schedule, but if we can hold our own in the conference, it should be less of an issue. But we certainly do need to beef up the out of conference schedule, to get butts in the seats.


    National attention (in a negative way) may really be the only impetus for change, scheduling-wise. Kudos to Forde.


    Yet playing us, Maryland, Connecticut, & Western Carolina at home is “making major strides” at USF? When did those four teams become “major [programs]” in elevating someone’s schedule?

    john of sparta

    1. four chances for a devastating loss.
    2. a zero inspirational victory opportunity.
    3. TV?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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