Duke Billed UNC $27,170.44 for Spray Paint Damages

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    In typical arrogant-elitist fashion — this behavior long ago stopped being “stunning” — UNC AD Bubba Cunningham, aka “Flagship Bubba” (TM), actually
    [See the full post at: Duke Billed UNC $27,170.44 for Spray Paint Damages]


    “… Cunningham said he was disappointed that Duke football coach David Cutcliffe never returned UNC coach Larry Fedora’s apology call … ”

    To close his letter, Cunningham included a photo of spray paint damage to UNC’s South Building on campus—four pillars were tagged with the letters D-U-K-E on Feb. 19, 2014, before the Duke-UNC basketball game.

    “The University of North Carolina bore the cost of sandblasting these pillars and did not make public comments of the transgression. I acknowledge we have no idea who did this …”

    There are no words. I can’t even.


    It seems unfathomable that UNC can’t hire a single decent person with a conscience. UNC is either corrupting, or so corrupt they intentionally seek out vermin. You’d have to go sewer diving to consistently find turds like this.

    Jay Smith and Mary Willingham excluded since they apparently had an attack of conscience. .


    Just when I think I’ve seen everything, I find myself with my jaw on the floor again. They really are unbelievable. Thanks for sharing this.


    UNC is either corrupting, or so corrupt they intentionally seek out vermin

    I’d be legit interested in a case study on themes of cult-like behavior that permeates various UNC departments. That’s not even hyperbole when I say that.

    At some point, what Dean Smith introduced through the basketball program at Carolina and later became known as ‘The Carolina Way’ was co-opted by insecure ne’er-do-wells and opportunists to be used as a shield and facade against their own wrong-doing and unethical behavior.

    If you read that as an attack on Coach Smith, you read it wrong.

    I’d love to know how ‘The Carolina Way’ became a catch-all for a collective of smug, arrogant, holier-than-thou’s that are so far up their own asses they can’t tell truth from fiction anymore.


    I love coach Cut.


    If you hire an AD named Bubba, you should have a pretty good idea what you’re going to get. Like the old Seinfeld joke, if you name your son Jeeves, you’ve pretty much determined what he will be when he grows up.

    Prowling Woofie

    Clearly, the University of No Class.

    What a sanctimonious prick Cunningham is.

    Wish Duke had tagged ’em for $127K…


    Wish Duke had tagged ‘em for $127K…

    “Sorry guys, stadium was totaled. We had to build a whole new one. Here’s the bill.”


    Everybody’s doing it! Hey, look, I got pictures to prove it.


    ?They wrote “personal checks” to pay that bill ?????

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    This tees up the next game at Dook nicely! I can’t wait. Obviously in the sick minds of the Cheats, they feel they owe Dook a good lesson. I’m taking a long position on pu$$y blue spray paint the week of that game.


    Good to know that Bubba’s threshold for proof is that low. I now fully expect him to connect the dots within his own program and announce that “we acknowledge that we have no idea who did this – orchestrated and perpetuated the fake classes program in order to keep our athletes eligible – but it is an academic AND athletic issue that should have never taken place. Just as I did by writing a personal check to Duke, I take full responsibility and I hearby fire all athletic staff and tender my resignation.”

    Dare to dream.


    No finer whine than the whine from the whine and cheese crowd.


    It’s hard to imagine them being more unethical really.


    “No finer whine than the whine from the whine and cheese crowd.”…touché !

    I too love Coach Cut….he don’t mince words or his actions. Which the Dickheads over at the Hill don’t get…obviously Cut don’t like Fedora or his classes program and had no obligation to return his call.
    The other day after Coach Fedora was whining on the Buzz how everyone was picking on him with negative recruiting tactics about him and Carolina, Coach Cut was also participating with a call in segment. The host ask Coach Cut what he thought about other coaches using negative comments about programs like Carolinas to influence kids to play for them. Coach Cuts response was dead on….”Its not negative if its the truth.”


    Man, what a waste of money. That could have gone towards like 5 minutes of PR consultation.



      My sister -in – Law and brother -in -law are both UNC grads. I had the fine opportunity to watch a UK basketball game with them at Christmas. They both made comments on how big a cheater Callipari is. I don’t care to express my feelings on Callipari, but I will say this. The only concern UnC has is why they are not out cheating Kentucky. Winning games at any cost is the only thing that matters to them. They truly believe that all college programs are doing what they are doing and have no regard to the responsibility of living up the mission statement of all Universities: educating all students regardless of them being athletes. I know that’s a general mission statement but you get my point. Unc has brain washed themselves and their fans into turning their heads on the right thing to do.

    That bill wouldn’t cover a weeks per diem for all their lawyers and PR folks. When you are throwing around the kind of money the holes are, $27,000 is chump change.

    Hiring the Red Bull Pimp, Cheesestik and Bubba makes you wonder what the hell they are thinking or if they are thinking over in holesville.

    Bubba! Makes me laugh every time I think about it. You gotta give ’em credit. They are de-emphasizing athletics. 😉

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