Dad asked me to watch the National Championship with him. Why I said ‘No.’

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    My Dad died in 58 at the young age of 46. First game I ever remember watching was the 57 title game in B&W I cannot remember if he watched or not. While I’d love to have my Dad back, I’m sure that he would be appalled at UnC and the cheating. I don’t blame UnC for killing him with mustard gas treatments, but neither he nor I have ever condoned the holier than thou UnC politicians. Seems like he ran against and fought more than a few back then too because of their arrogance!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!



    Give credit, where credit is due.


    testes, testes, 1, 2, 3?…This thing on?


    NC State of course had italian-american connections long before Valvano. Sammy Ranzino, John Maglio and Lou Pucillo, etc. A tradition continued with Del Negro, Gugliotta and Corchiani.

    UNC also had Salvadori and Calabria.

    Lebo can also be italian, but can be Russian-jewish and mostly french-german (alsace). Some Lebo’s came to Pa in the 18th century so I’d wager german.

    Lebo and Hale were both coach’s sons. Hale coached Oral Roberts in the early ‘70s for 3 years. I doubt it was all that lucrative then.

    NC State had its own midwestern coach’s son play for Valvano, Terry Gannon. And Lambiotte, which is sometimes italian, but usually Belgian or French.

    UNC has had many northeastern ethnics. Rosenbluth jewish, Kearns, Cunningham and Brennan irish catholics. Larry Brown jewish. Doug Moe who knows. His dad’s name was Gunnar. Good name for a basketball player. He grew up in a rent-controlled apartment in Flatbush. Gunnar is nordic and many norwegian and swedish sailors lived near the docks in Red Hook. When playing in youth leagues he changed his name depending on the team. If protestant, Chatterton, jewish, Moskowitz, CYO, Martin.

    Billy Cunningham irish-catholic. Mitch Kupchak russian. Budko is a russian name. Yonaker? Dunno. Tom Zaligaris, Lithuanian. Pat Sullivan is irish-catholic from Bogota, NJ.

    All names from long ago now.

    I’d give anything if my dad were still alive to watch a game again with him.


    Said by a coed supposedly “if this is a quizzie what about your testes”


    Great article and BTW Owen Good, I think I was on the Technician sports staff with you for a bit. I graduated in ’92 and covered wrestling, women’s soccer, and the occasional BBall / FBall game there. Personal highlight was covering the UVa game at Reynolds where Monroe went for 32 in the 2nd half, those were the days!


    Jackwolf please stop candy coating it and tell us how you really feel!

    Seriously this totally encapsulates the situation:

    State got its nuts nailed to a log (I LOVE it!), I believe, out of institutional resentment that Jim Valvano could get so far with a predominantly black lineup, whose white stars were Italians from the northeast. The rosters of our glory days were decidedly not-UNC. No Steve Hales or Jeff Lebos there. So when I enrolled at N.C. State, we were saddled with the harshest eligibility standards of any school in the ACC, which took the few decent players we had out of action and even led to their transfer (Lewis Sims to New Orleans, Chuck Kornegay to Villanova, where both would later play in NCAA tournaments).

    NO TRUER WORDS HAVE EVER BEEN SPOKEN ON THIS BOARD! While State College has relied on ‘imports’ for decades the minority thing is definitely true. The unx grad I shared an office with back in the early 80’s said “people must think NCSU is a black school”. I think the biggest thing is the idea that a poor college of farmers could beat beat them and beat them regularly.
    It took institutional intervention to stop the tide. And by gawd they did. Still remember Woodie talking about the ‘mess at NC State”. He’s been noticeably silent about the cheating at xh.

    At the same time my 26yo who didn’t go to State but grew up watching PR and RW in C-F every Saturday and now works in the NFL told me this past year “dad, face it, NC State’s star has faded and unx has BRAND.” Killed me but he’s right.
    That BRAND started with Xarolina Fever back in the 80’s and they have played it to a tee. Oh and having Lawrence Taylor, the most dominate defensive player in the NFL of the 80’s, plus MJ who after being a good but not great/dominate college player exploded to take over the NBA for years sealed the BRANDING for the holes.

    We keep expecting the hammer to come but alas I do not think it ever will.

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