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    The text from my father on Sunday was almost a rhetorical question. “Want to come over Monday for the game?” My reply instead: “I actually thought abo
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    Can we get 7 pages worth of Handel’s Amens?

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    I too graduated from State in 95 and endured the mostly terrible basketball that was on display. I’m married to a tarheel fan and thankfully will be at work tonight so I will not have to listen or watch the Cheaters be rewarded yet again. I have always despised UNC coming from a State family, but over the last 5 years it has grown into an intense hatred for everything unc. I still hold out hope that eventually the NCAA will drop the hammer and give them the punishment that they do richly deserve!

    Class of 95


    If NC State had any pride, they’d just refuse to play UNC in basketball. Don’t show up, don’t play. Just forfeit. Prepare a statement and release it through the media. That’d do more to get the ACC and NCAA to actually do something than anything else.

    I won’t be watching tonight because I couldn’t stomach a UNC coronation. I will be pulling for Gonzaga on far.


    I made a decision last year at the football game that I should never attend a UNC-State athletic event.

    I wonder how UNC fans would feel if the scandal was @ Duke and this was Duke in the championship game? We know – they would be angry as heck.

    It matters not, this is the lot we have chosen. I will try to avoid the game tonight but probably won’t be able to do so. I don’t want to watch – because like the author – there are people I love who want them to win badly – and pulling against them is schadenfreude which ain’t good.

    Throughout this whole scandal – I have wondered how I would have reacted had this been NC State. Would I have wanted them to kick the can down the road when we had a great chance at athletic glory this year? Would I have wanted a just punishment for our violations? Would I have wanted us to stick it to the NCAA? (I think almost all of us know the answer to that question in our hearts.)

    I am also taken back to a wise family friend several years ago when I asked if he would watch the final game in the Braves- Blue Jay’s World Series. He said the pain of watching them lose would be greater than the joy of watching them win. And while the roles on this are reversed – his words proved to be true.

    And I also look at this as I look at other recreational things. If every other time I drank beer I got angry, I wouldn’t drink beer. If every other time I ate a certain food, it made me feel lousy for a few hours, I wouldn’t eat that food. Meaning – why do I subject myself to it?


    Another set of eyes is always interesting.

    Essentially nobody cares. As long as you are winning the detached fan could careless, they are simply looking to latch themselves onto a greater item.

    The kids that will watch unc win could careless. In their eyes unc is good and that is all that matters.

    Nobody cares about the pain of NC State. Everyone loves a winner, regardless, and nobody loves a loser.


    *tell dad to stick a sock in it


    I “arrove” at a similar place several years ago. I have a number of close friends and co-workers who are Unc grads….I don’t acknowledge Walmart “fandom” so I don’t conodone those types. Some think it’s been an abomination, some think it’s all contrived and never happened like the Holocaust. The fact is that none of them are marching in the streets saying “Carolina Blue Lives Don’t Matter”…They acknowledge “something happened” but they won’t stomp their feet until the BOG does something…So they are still thrilled about “tonight”.

    I can’t go there. I won’t watch, I may check the score, but it’s hoping they are getting their cheating asses waxed! Hoping “Good wins over Evil” tonight!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    While I fully understand the general animosity and sentiment expressed above…

    I wish I had a Dad to watch any basketball game with….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’ll check in from time to time but probably will not watch coast to coast. Like BotB I wish I had a dad here to watch the game with (or even my mom who was a big basketball fan) …


    Amen Bill. I was thinking the same thing. I have read many posts from men who have lost their Dad’s. My Dad was pulling for the heels hard Saturday – and I ain’t going to lie it bothered me.

    But sometimes whatever shall we call it works in mysterious ways. There’s? was a large group behind us with the typical obnoxious loud mouthed Tar Heel fan….I fumed. I saw someone battling obvious disabilities – not sure if it was cerebral palsy or what limp by with a great deal of effort?. Occasionally when that obnoxious heel fan would start chirping I would look behind me for the voice. While the challenged individual wasn’t him, he was with that group.

    I talked to the Heels fan after the game. They were in Charleston for a batchelor’s party. I realized, if this group of guys was going to include an individual with physical challenges – a) they couldn’t be that awful and b) there were more important things than this stupid game.


    At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, ” the system is rigged” and has been for quite a while. I won’t be watching either. The adoration of the media was evident in the semi finals when the announcers commented about how “open and forthright” UNC had been in the investigations. Bullsh*t!
    I can’t stomach that crap anymore.
    Go Pack!


    Sorry, I may have misquoted the BS. It could have been “open and cooperative”.


    My Dad would not have wasted the evening. Now…my Mom would probably decorate the house in Bulldogs.

    Their sons played for:

    1) You know
    2) Kentucky. You didn’t know
    3) Towson. Yeah, who the hell is Towson?

    Not UNx, by god!


    This may be the best article written on this subject. You voiced what so many feel. Have shared this for all to read and for UNX fans we should provide a “hooks on tape” copy! The hypocrisy of the Carolina Way will be available for all to see!

    Watching “the voice” and a movie!

    This is my happy face


    I’m not watching. My Vietnam combat helicopter pilot Father just turned 74 and only watches Golf.


    Go Zags. Spend time with your father, he may be a tarhole, but he’s your tarhole.


    Visit with Daddio tomorrow.


    I truly want to barf. Wolfpack basketball is at rock bottom.


    Beer does not taste as good tonight.

    Sweet jumper

    Amen. Great post JackWolf! I am a die-hard State fan and Davidson graduate. My father is a State grad as is my younger brother. My hatred of everything Carowhina began in elementary school in the mid-60’s spurred by cruel, obnoxious, condescending UNX fans. I decided at an early age that I would never root for those hypocritical asses wearing baby blue. When Russia came to Chapel Hole in 1980, I said,
    “Go Big Red!” and I meant it. I watched the NCAA render swift justice on State in the early 70’s for David Thompson sleeping on the floor of a friend’s room at State basketball camp(a benefit valued at $8.00 per night) and Coach Biedenbach playing in a pickup game with Thompson after Thompson had already signed his Letter of Intent. I think Thompson was also given a ride home to Shelby by an assistant coach. For these violations we were placed on probation for one year and robbed of a chance at a NCAA championship in 1973 when we went 27-0 the year before our NCAA championship in 1974. I stood by in 1989-90 as our Coach Valvano was crucified by the News & Observer and he and our basketball program were unjustly punished by our own administration, by our Tar Hole-centric Board of Governors, and by the NCAA for a smear campaign based on a book of lies by Peter Gollenback and based on jealousy of Coach Valvano’s growing celebrity by Tar Hole journalists at the N & O. The NCAA never substantiated any of Gollenback’s allegations and accepted State’s self-imposed punishment. During these two decades I was asked many times how I could support a bunch of cheaters and told that UNX was the shining light of the NCAA and that all schools should follow the example of UNX to achieve the proper balance of academics and athletics. I also heard many parables and epistles of St. Dean Smith, the paragon of virtue. Now we find out that the Saint himself and his AD, John Swofford established the AFAM program which enabled the great diploma mill of the University of Non Compliance to keep athletes who did not attend classes and did not do their own assignments eligible and win championships. Rather than admitting their transgressions, accepting their punisment and moving on, they have spent $18 million in legal fees over the last 5 or 6 years stalling and delaying any judgment by the NCAA. The NCAA also has been very slow to act while smacking many other programs with strict sanctions during this time. The most widespread and long-standing athletic program academic fraud in NCAA history needs swift justice, and the NCAA should stop nothing short of removing the NCAA championship banners of 1993, 2005 and 2009. Any other school would have probably received “the death penalty” for these circumstances. They will probably get a good wrist slapping and nothing else, but I am holding out hope that the NCAA will grow a pair and do their job for a change. I will continue to despise them and will not root for them for as long as I live. Just watched the game tonight and was very disappointed in the outcome. Remember, cheaters never win except at UNX.


    One of the best posts I have ever read on SFN. My dad was not a hole fan, so I was spared that decision.

    I joined many of you on the sidelines. I sat outside by my fire pit, smoking a cigar, drinking some Makers Mark and listening to a book. Did not know the results until this morning… and did not care.


    I watched the game and it was sickening. My Wife and daughter (son as well) are TarHoles so that’s always tough. Well my Daughter is only 11 and 9 so that could change but it won’t. Why? Kids like winner’s plain and simple. Winner’s are always talked about and on TV. Winner’s spend what ever it takes to get to the top. I’m on “old” winner who believes in winning the right way like everyone else on here. However, I have come to the conclusion of these facts:

    1. The “feeder” generation to the TarHoles (or any college) simply doesn’t care if they cheated to win. They simply don’t.

    2. The NCAA literally can’t afford to bust the UNC cash machine. The money at stake is too high to worry about integrity.

    3. I can’t fault the younger generation to pulling for a winner (in theory). I watched my 11 year old jump with excitement after the win last night (maybe she was just in shock we allowed her to stay up past 9pm).

    4. The Wolfpack may simply never be a top 3 team in the ACC. The mindset of the powers that be seem to reflect that idea as well. Not a knock on Keatts but if someone told the Wolfpack power brokers that for 3 million we could be a decent team but for 4.5 million we could be top 10 team nationally, we would pick option A with the hopes of changing the mold. That’s just who we are and apparently what we always strive for.

    5. The TarHole machine is too big to fail. Too many decision makers depend on them succeeding.

    Here’s to hoping Keatts is the miracle we’ve been looking for at an Decent salary. Very well written article by the way. I did enjoy the read….Go Pack


    I’m no psychologist. Perhaps I need someone who is in the field to explain it to me.
    But for the life of me I can’t figure out how seemingly otherwise good and decent people, people who wouldn’t cheat on their taxes or their spouses, people who lead quiet lives within the boundaries of law and decency, could find themselves not only condoning blatantly ill-gotten gains, but actually rooting for it to happen.
    Is there something about sports that allows people to put their morality aside and cheer for teams and players they KNOW are cheating? I mean, its not like there’s a single person with even a passing interest in sports that isn’t aware of what this “institution” has done.
    I’m no saint and I don’t consider myself to be morally superior. But I’ve tried looking at it from the perspective of what I would be thinking and feeling if our school had done what UNC-CHeat has done for the sake of maintaining a high profile, winning sports team. And for the life of me I can’t help but thinking I would be ashamed and embarrassed. I’d hardly be crowing about it on social media. If we won fair and square then sure – I’d be rightfully proud.
    But these folks KNOW damn well that they’re rooting for blatant cheaters and they seem proud of it. For the life of me, I’ll never understand it.

    Hawkeye Whitney


    I agree with you. If my father were still living, I would be excited to watch any event with him. One of my best memories is when my Dad took me to see the team return from Albuquerque in ’83 when I was in 7th grade.

    I have my undergraduate degree from State (and a graduate degree from Chapel Hill). I also married a UNC grad. AND I have as much disgust as anyone for the cheating and the holier-than-though attitude that permeates UNC.

    My daughter is a high school junior looking at colleges. She went to Chapel Hill this past Saturday for an all-day event where the high school kids could attend a few “classes” taught by students and also tour the campus. She was appalled that some of the information taught in a class on “Brexit” was factually incorrect. My wife and I decided that we wouldn’t try to influence her thinking about UNC. My daughter came out of there saying that she “wasn’t feeling it” in regards to Carolina. Neither my wife (the UNC graduate) nor I want her to go to Carolina, so it was a relief to hear that it is not high on her list. UNC is not anything like the institution it once was.

    lumbee wolfman


    Wish I had a decent father – haven’t talked to him in a dozen years (due to a Penn State interaction). I’ve learned to quickly remove myself from all toxic individuals and toxic situations. It’s a good strategy for happiness and sanity.

    Didn’t watch the game – for all the reasons you mentioned.

    Carolina is like the Catholic Church – their past has been exposed; they’re still in denial; yet, they have millions of supporters. Only God can fix messes like this – I’m so glad that God is not a Tarhole!

    In the meantime, we need to apologize to the Valvano family; show official recognition for the work he did for the university;. – Get that white elephant off our back!

    Class of 1981

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