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    Before I go into any of this, I can not emphasize enough how much one game can only give us a glimpse of what to look for in the future.  Still, I th
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    Wilson’s first start was actually the 2008 opener at South Carolina; he was 1/5 for 12 yards before he was knocked out of the game.

    NCStatePride: True, but I only wanted to consider first full-games simply because to me, if you play one series in a game, get smeared, and then start a second game down the road, you might as well have never started before because you really haven’t had more “time” to establish who you are as a QB. Still, that’s correct so I’ll make a note of it. Thanks.


    I agree. I’ve been saying, after watching the game Saturday, that Glennon has a lot of room to grow. That is a positive.


    As I posted on another thread, the landscape is littered with big name QBs who had less than stellar performances their 1st time out. Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck were the two guys I specifically looked at.

    What I saw from Glennon was a QB with a strong, accurate arm who needs to become accustomed to game speed. I’m not down on Glennon at all. Quite the opposite actually. I’m excited we will have him as our QB the next two years, and look forward to many great games from him as the season progresses.


    And in that game against the Chickens, there were a lot of late hits on Wilson that were never called. I almost had to but a new tv after that game. Also, if you call 13 carries for 26 yards a “rushing game on full display” then ouch.


    Sundropdrinker13, if you read the article, you will see that the trend of each quarterback in their first full start was to not do ANYTHING in terms of rushing. Wilson’s 13-26 is pretty impressive for a first-time quarterback. If he had 6 carries for 5 yards, that would be “on par” for how first-time quarterbacks do in their first full start.


    24 for 51, 200 yards, 3 INTs. Matt Ryan’s 1st start.


    NCStatePride, thanks for the stats and graphs.

    I’m most interested in our QBs winning percentage. Glennon doesn’t need to be a Heisman, he just needs to be a winner! I still think that we have ourselves a good player.


    Winner percentages are more subjective to debate. If you want to look at a quarterback winning percentage, you are attempting to correlate how the ENTIRE TEAM did to who was a quarterback. Proof-in-point, Russell Wilson in 2009. We had a 5-win season, but I don’t know of anyone who would say Russell Wilson was “only a 5-win quarterback”.

    What I’m interested in seeing is how Bible changes the way he has been doing things to the way it works for Glennon. Obviously at the beginning of the game Saturday, he wanted to run of the offense the same way he did for Wilson. It has nothing to do with who Wilson is or who Glennon is… the fact is that they are two different players and you have to change the offense to match their strengths.


    Glennon is a fundamentally sound, intelligent quarterback who makes excellent decisions, does not lock on to a receiver and stays strong through the game. He was signed as a top-5 quarterback. Nothing I have seen challenges that fact. He won one competition against qb’s from all over the country down at Disneyworld. He is dead eye accurate. Against Liberty, his receivers did not do him many favors: Bryan (drop), others dropped, and broker off or ran wrong patterns.

    Glennon was adjusting through the game and his game ability kept him from having INT’s + plus one UL cb who dropped a ball in his hands when he jumped a route.

    As long as he is healthy, Glennon will be our QB. Please come back and wag your finger in my face if I am wrong.

    Many posters on this site are much more reactive than earlier in the site’s history. Why not ask questions sometimes rather than just obliviously vent your spleen? Oh and Glennon, solid if not great, showing in his first start. Take him to the bank.


    We should know what Glennon is after 4 games.


    Great analysis Pride. Puts that game into proper perspective. I was hoping for a really impressive start but am not down on Glennon at all. He got the win and some valuable experience. Let’s go Pack and show Wake what we’ve got next Saturday.


    I think the offensive game plan could have been a little better. We started out throwing on first down instead of trying to establish the run. Since we were going with the pass, we could have tried a few swing passes to get Glennon comfortable.

    Overall, I still put the blame on the offensive line. They should not have had that much trouble with Liberty. By chance is this a by-product of switching Horton away from O-line coach? Maybe a one game blip?


    Excellent analysis and agree with the “give him some time.” I too hope Bible will adjust the protection. We can agree MG ain’t the fastest, so empty backfields are not a good idea. While Liberty is not Clemson, they were a very good team. The typical D-II does not carry as many players on the road as they did. I think they substituted more than we did regularly throughout the game. MG will be fine. And for the record, Audie Cole is the man!!


    Glennon made some nice throws. One in particular was on a rope, went right over the linebacker’s head and hit the receiver in stride. Wilson could NOT have made that throw, he’s too short and doesn’t have the NFL arm strength of Glennon.

    Glennon’s worst throw was a screen and he zipped it over the tailback’s head. First game jitters – too much testosterone. He also threw into tight coverage but had so much zip on the ball, D-II corners couldn’t pick it off. That will change.

    In summary I saw a talented QB who held the ball too long, in part because his receivers and o-line did him no favors. Neither did Bible’s play calling, but I get the fact that we run all vanilla against D-II. Wake will be a much bigger test, but we have nowhere to go but up. We couldn’t have played a worse game and still won by 20.


    Glennon also needs to work on timing the receivers. He didn’t lead them at times. That should come with time.

    I’m not worried about Glennon, per se. No pocket passer would excel behind that line, and expecting a guy in his first game starting to excel behind that line is too much. Without a better line, we may never know how good/bad glennon is.


    This team, Glennon included, will only be as good as our running game and that starts up front with the OLine. If they don’t get more physical and nasty starting with Wake then this season will not go the way we hope.


    1. Thanks for the interesting post.

    2. This is such a small sample size, it isn’t particularly meaningful, especially considering some of the variables (e.g., Glennon being a redshirt junior who has been through spring practice twice as the #1 QB).

    3. I think it is (should be) obvious to all that Glennon is not going to be comparable to/as good as Rivers. If he was, he would have beaten out Wilson before now. Rivers is one of the best QBs in ACC history, so that bar is very high, and there is no shame for Glennon in not being that good.

    4. I think it is (should be) obvious to all that Glennon is not going to be comparable to/as good as Wilson. They are completely different types of QBs. And Wilson is one of the best QBs in ACC history, so that bar is very high. Unfortunately for Glennon, due to circumstances, this comparison will be relevant for the rest of Glennon’s career.

    5. So in terms of the QBs named in this post, IMO we are left with the question of whether or not he will be better than Davis, Stone, and Evans. I feel pretty certain he will. It might be more interesting to include a larger sample set of NCAA QBs or Wolfpack QBs.


    “if you call 13 carries for 26 yards a “rushing game on full display” then ouch.”

    Perhaps you aren’t aware that in college, sacks are characterized as QB rushing attempts, and yardage lost on sacks are characterized as QB ruahing yards. Here are Wilson’s rushing attempts from that Clemson game:

    1. rushed for 9 yards and 1st down
    2. rushed for 3 yards and 1st down
    3. sacked for loss of 9 yards
    4. rushed for 2 yards
    5. sacked for loss of 5 yards
    6. rushed for 4 yards
    7. rushed for 4 yards, late hit personal foul on Clemson resulted in 1st down
    8. rushed for 2 yards
    9. rushed for 2 yards, facemask personal foul on Clemson resulted in 1st down
    10. rushed for 3 yards
    11. rushed for 1 yard
    12. rushed for 6 yards and 1st down
    13. rushed for 4 yards

    He actually rushed 11 times for 40 yards and 5 1st downs (2 by penalty). That is pretty good for a QB on the road at Clemson in his first full start.


    I was extremely disappointed in Glennon’s performance especially if you compare to how well Renner performed. He set an ACC record for gosh sakes.

    Pack Mentality

    First of all, great article.

    Next, you can count me as one that only cares about the winning percentage. I know that this is not necessarily who is re better qb due to external factors. But that is the coach’s legacy. If Glennon is not great and we end the season with 8 or more wins, I cannot fault TOB for his decision. 7 or less, well……


    I agree that in terms of the outcome of the season, having a good QB and terrible results isn’t going to make me any happier.

    Still, in a game like last night, between Glennon and O’Brien, I think Glennon is probably more vulnerable to judgement than O’Brien. I think most people have made up their mind on the “is O’Brien a good coach” argument, even if there isn’t consensus in the fanbase. The question of whether Glennon is a good quarterback is still open for debate and will probably be the topic of discussion for the next month or two. That was really my motivation in this article.

    But like you said, the legacy of O’Brien won’t be if he can produce a good QB, it will be if he can follow-up a 9 win season with another successful season.


    I understand and agree with why you omitted Wilson’s first real start against South Carolina but I think he accomplished something in that first quarter (or whatever) that set the tone for his time running with the Pack. He came out and didn’t show great at QB, but then he made a gutsy run under pressure. I remember him enthusiastically taking the hit instead of scrambling for the sideline. He was hurt and he stayed down and had to be taken off with the stretcher. Everybody saw a glimpse of a heroic kid and was worried he was unconscious or paralyzed or something. And as he was strapped to the stretcher being carted off, crowd silenced in worry, he gave the crowd a thumbs-up. Anybody else remember that?

    He showed then and there what type of QB he was and how he was leading by example. Granted, that was an aberration. Wilson’s not the normal case in any way. I still think it bears mentioning because even if (hopefully when) Glennon and the pieces around him turn it on and make him the greatest QB we’ve ever seen, we still won’t be able to look back and say “yeah, we saw that in his first start.”


    “Glennon is a fundamentally sound,
    intelligent quarterback who makes excellent
    decisions, does not lock on to a receiver and
    stays strong through the game. ”

    What game where you watching?

    I hope you are correct, but that’s not what we saw for the majority of his first game as a starter.

    First two passes thrown into double coverage, locking in on receivers throughout the game, and poor pocket presence.

    I believe he is much better than that, but he has yet to prove it on the field during live, meaningful snaps.

    It was well into the 4th quarter before he began showing signs of being the QB most of us think/hope he is.


    Did TOB ever ask his team if they would support RW even if he wasn’t around in the spring and summer? I would be surprised if the players said they would prefer Glennon over Wilson under any circumstance. If TOB didn’t ask the team then his choice wasn’t one based on the team but rather a call based on his view alone.

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