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    Today’s News & Observer featured an article on the fantastic job that first year head coach, Wes Moore is doing with the 2013-2014 Wolfpack Women. The
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    I hadn’t noticed that both the men AND women were preseason 10th place picks.
    Congrats to Coach Moore and the team, they are playing great. A great hire by Yow.

    Could this be a season in which both bball teams exceed expectations? Exciting!


    Had I known the womenfolk were ranked 10th, I would have considered that overly optimistic. Very glad to be wrong.

    Huzzah for Coach Moore!


    The women need to hold the fort against KSU, then they have 2 big opportunities against #20 Syracuse at home and #10 UNC at CH. Make some noise Pack!


    Was at the LSU game, and had a great time, and impressed with the team, and performance of their bigs. Plan making some more trips to Reynolds for more of the same, regardless of the opposition. We are tough to beat in Reynolds, just need more support from the fans, and fill the house, with excited fans.


    Am I a bad person because I would rather have one acc football or men’s basketball championship than 10 women’s national titles?

    I think its great that women’s basketball is doing great, but I won’t watch many games…very frustrating watching them make what I would consider making middle school level mistakes….you see them in the men’s game but not as often.


    Oh and if you didn’t think that turner and Lee would/could contribute, you’re retarded…. which could mean you are a journalist.


    You should make yourself go to a womens game chppack1. Some good ball. I was at the LSU game and I’d say well above your typical highschool game stuff. Hell they scored bout 90 on LSU. Girls hishschoolers aint reaching 60 in regulation. I challenge you to take one in. I plan to catch some more games this year. They could use the crowd support, and it wasn’t a horrible crowd vs LSU for students to be on break.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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