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    A month from tomorrow, the ACC Tournament will tip off in Brooklyn. I’m curious how good/bad the attendance will be.
    [See the full post at: ACC BB Update – One Month Left]


    Somebody said ND was a fraud in last week’s thread (or week before), methinks!!

    All they do is jack up 3s and they rebound even worse than we do.

    Not sure about the rest of our foes, but Creighton lost their PG and is in absolute freefall. Illinois was always dogshit, and their losses keep piling up, assume the RPI #s are finally catching up.

    That game was more inexplicable than any of our home ACC bedshittings.


    My “worry meter” didn’t move after the loss to Creighton or the early wins with narrow margins. When we lost to Illinois, I looked up their recent b-ball history to see how good/bad they were and I wasn’t impressed. Then I read some of their scouting reports. I remember pointing out at the end of the game thread that Illinois was projected to be one of the worst B10 teams. That L was my uh-oh moment.
    My preseason prediction: “ACC finish around 5th with 5 or 6 conference losses; no more than 2 OOC losses.” – holy cow was that an awful prediction.
    Question, as you guys read these weekly reports do your shoulders feel like they are slumping lower and lower?


    as you guys read these weekly reports do your shoulders feel like they are slumping lower and lower?

    That’s a fair question and I won’t argue with anyone’s position. Through the pain of the Les/early Herb years I just tuned out on ACC basketball. If I wasn’t doing anything, I would catch the start of a State game and turn it as soon as it would get ugly. Some of my fondest victories over UNC came during the Les era because they were so unexpected. But I couldn’t stand to watch good teams because it just reminded me of how bad State was.

    Eventually, I realized that I actually liked college basketball and had missed out on a lot of great ACC players because of the pitiful condition of State’s program. So I decided to watch BB when I could and skip State if they became unwatchable. Frankly, State has sucked so many years out of the last 25 that I just don’t get worked up about it any more.

    So no, my shoulders aren’t slumping. I even work up enough interest to put in the time it takes to do an update that I’m happy with. They’re a lot more fun when these updates spark interesting discussions. But that hasn’t happened much this year.


    Agreed, VA. Think part of the problem is that I have yet to find a team or story that has really grabbed my interest this year. Everyone seems just so middling.



    I have not replied to a post or joined the conversation on SFN for several years, but I still come here at least once daily to follow the active threads and read the posts from you and others. Just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your ACC BB Updates and never miss the chance to read them. I am sure there are quite a few others of us out there…even if we do not join the debates or take the time to respond or acknowledge your work. Thanks for taking the time to write and compile the data for these very informative updates.


    OK… it’s early February and we’re 3 and 8 in the Conference and not what anybody expected…
    yes… that hurt a bit to type…

    Looking ahead…

    There’s six regular season games left on the schedule…
    FSU, WF, UN*, ND, GT && CU

    ON PAPER…. that’s 3 ‘winnable’ games… or for you wiseguys…games where we’re getting or giving 7 points or less…

    We are NOT playing consistent…

    which means… yeah, we could beat any one of those teams if we played our best that night and they didn’t…
    BUT that’s just like golfing and how many of you guys that golf make a birdie once or twice every round and average 85 more or less for the round ??? I know I did that plenty of times….

    AND we could easily go O–FOR….

    SO… 5-11 … I forget where I heard that first…
    plus or minus 1 is looking pretty close to the money on this thing from down here…

    No Joy In Mudville.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Technically, and I made the same mistake….we have an 18 game conference schedule….

    SO, if we run the table from here on out….we will have a winning season as we are now 3 & 8. Add in 7 more wins…..VIOLA….(or Bass Fiddle), we are 10 & 8.

    Not really that difficult….just develop a defense. Figure out what the opposition will be running and then have the scout squad at peak performance so that we are up to “it”.

    However, my “ODDS” are that we win 2 more and finish 5 & 13…..but you never know. Some teams get overconfident and look past us…..we need more local articles telling our opponents how easy it is to beat us….


    Updated Dance Card thru Sunday night’s games

    GT (0-2 last week) dropped below the bubble. SYR moved just in.
    State’s ranking is plummeting as the losses mount and as their OOC SOS tanks.

    There are a couple of things that I forgot to include in the main entry:

    SYR is riding a four-game winning streak that includes home wins against UVA and FSU. That ain’t too shabby.

    If you look at the Dance Card table in the main entry (thru 1/29); there were 10 ACC teams projected into the field and four more within striking distance. I’ve never seen anything quite that good. From my seat, everyone except State, Pitt, and BC has a legitimate shot at making the tournament. It will be interesting to see which teams in the middle can finish the deal.

    I’m also curious about just how far ND will drop.


    Just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your ACC BB Updates and never miss the chance to read them

    Thanks for that. I enjoy putting the stats and graphs together. The writing/editing…not so much. (I’m an engineer, sue me.)

    It’s not hard for me to understand the lack of comments. How many different ways can you say that State is bad? Besides, it’s just not any fun. Traffic and comments will pick up when there are good things to talk about. Unfortunately, there are not many good things to talk about in our two revenue sports.

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