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    Maybe we should send him a cd of Nickelback’s Greatest Hits.

    That’d show him.


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    Third time posting here at Statefansnation. However, I catch up here on the latest news quite often.

    FWIW, I have known Nyheim’s dad for many years and see him on a regular basis. They are great people. Here is what the U of Non Compliance is telling these young men… “The academic investigation is NOT going to affect the football program! That’s over! It’s the basketball program that is still under scrutiny. If you don’t believe me, I can have the AD call you personally.” The RB coaches are to the point of being “absolutely obnoxious” with the phone calls and texts to the players and their families.


    As much as those State fans are questioning either Hughes’ decision-making skills or UN*’s recruiting statements/conversations, the frustration with some of us State fans (those who keep up with recruiting) is not that Hughes chose the Asterisk, the frustration is coming from updates from coaches like Kitchens and White who were assured of Hughes’ commitment to State LAST SUMMER, and then from the moment of the State foot-insertion in November, Hughes’s ‘commitment’ became unclear. Given that our coaching staff, Coach D included, amounted to about nine months of work on this kid alone. To have a basketball equivalent, this is much like the Amile Jefferson decision, where Coach Moxley had him lock, stock and barrel but Duke comes in the last month or so, and everything changes, and Amile is now the best pick-setter in the ACC.

    However, that analogy to Jefferson is only frustrating in the fact that our coaching staff put an inordinate amount of time recruiting Hughes, only to have him switch, and as one PP poster put it “rub our noses in it [his UN* choice]”.
    I feel badly that our coaches missed out on a kid they put max effort and time into. I have no doubt that Hughes switched because of playing time; I’m just hoping he becomes a leading tackler for UN* next year because they need one.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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