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    4-Star Athlete Mike Hughes of New Bern blindsided many NC State fans and coaches and selected UNC-CHeats this morning at a ceremony at New Bern High S
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    Hit the road.



    ^ Exactly Pack92. Watching DD & Staff recruit over the last 2 years reduces the stress and disappointment associated with any one individual. There are two other CB prospects rated higher than this guy plus any number of other recruits that DD sees real value in. If indeed UNX orchestrated this whole smoke & mirrors, cat & mouse production with Hughes, it is only because they are concerned with State’s recent results.


    The way this went down disgusts me. It’s almost like he was not only opting for EweNC but wanted to rub our/State’s nose in it. There was always a little smirk on his face when he was interviewed about his recruitment. There’s an F-U in this somewhere. I had bad feelings about this when he didn’t hang with the State commits at the Shrine Bowl. I wasn’t there so I don’t know if he hung with the EweNC commits or not.

    Could be he told Doeren of his decision before hand like he told Fedora. If so, I’ll back off. He’s enrolling early so at least we don’t have to worry about him de-committing and wanting to come to State. Not sure I would want him now even if he did de-commit.

    And one last comment (for now) I so want to see Gallaspy or McGirt pancake block his ass.


    ^ Don’t want this dude ever. Something’s a bit “off” with him. Seriously, what kind of thought process results in the decision he made to go blindly into the situation at UNCheat that absolutely will not turn out well? NOTHING good is going to come out of this decision. Self-inflected wound. Really stupid! And revealing. Good luck kid….you’ll need it.


    This doesn’t bother me one bit. Disgusted a little I guess but who cares there is nothing to be done about it. Move along…

    What does bother me is the fact that obviously the “black cloud” hanging over UNC (scandal after scandal/academic cheats etc) isn’t really a “black cloud” to recruits. Everything is business as usual in Crapel Thrill and recruiting is still doing fine. What does that tell me? It tells me the kids don’t give 2 $hits about the “black cloud”. Why should they? Obviously it’s not effecting the sports programs over there.


    Just a Round peg going in a Round hole (abyss) … fellas…
    Not the ‘peg’ we might have thought he was…

    If he ain’t buying what we’re selling… how much better is it find out now rather than two years from now..
    … when he’s mentioned often in the same sentences with Austin, Little, et.al…

    if you need more proof than that…
    … check out his grades and the classes he took…
    … check out his new ‘ride’…
    … check out his ‘influencers’…
    … check out his propensity to do stupid sh%t beyond what’s normal for a 17 year old…

    TRUST the DD system…
    and RESIST the temptation to waste a lot of time and resources ‘whittling ‘pegs’ to fit your ‘hole’…
    ’cause there’s a bunch more better than that one scattered around…

    We all know Stars don’t mean everything
    but character does.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Well that’s … disappointing. Good luck to him.

    I don’t understand the decision-making, but I’m biased … still though, that team and University? With all the circumstances surrounding that program and University? Ehhh … I dunno my man, but all the best to ya.

    I have to wonder what lies were told in the process (notice I didn’t say *if*).

    Oh well, movin’ on.


    I’m reminded of an old saying. If you lay down with the dogs, you get up with fleas.


    I have long ago come to the realization that I will never understand what goes into the decision making process of an 18 year old. And life (for me at least) is just easier that way.


    “Everything is business as usual in Crapel Thrill and recruiting is still doing fine. What does that tell me? It tells me the kids don’t give 2 $hits about the “black cloud”. Why should they? Obviously it’s not effecting the sports programs over there.”

    You are absolutely correct. Sanctions have had very little impact on Ohio State or USC. The same will hold true for UNC. After a half-hearted NCAA sanction period, the heels will resume their winning ways. The ACC and NCAA will not let THAT program fail. I can bet my mortgage, wife, and first born on that.


    Bout time Carolina got a half way decent db. I can’t recall any good ones since Dre Bly.


    What if I told ya that under that staff, regardless of who they bring in at DC, that kid will not see his true potential reached.


    “If he ain’t buying what we’re selling…”

    A big part of what we are selling is family… you hear it in the recruits conversation, in the slogans and in everything about the Pack. Screw up at State and you get disciplined like you would expect in a good family. Screw up at EweNC coaches look the other way and you get it covered up unless it gets exposed by external means. One environment attracts one kind of person; the other attracts another.


    …that kid will not see his true potential reached….

    … Mr. Dog,

    While numerous, recent ‘studies’ and ‘reports’ seem to indicate that Football programs with ‘exotic, high-speed, 80 plays a game – Offenses… rarely have excellent Defenses (which confirms what you said.. )…

    I am uncertain as to whether or not you meant just “On-the-field” potential or BOTH On-the-field && “OFF-THE-FIELD” potential ??


    November 29, 2014
    5:00pm or thereabouts…
    Kenan Stadium
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    You know you GOTT BIG PROBLEMS when you your Defense just gave up the MOST Rushing Yards EVER by any visiting Team in ANY Football game played against the HOLES in Chapel Hill (go back to 1888 or so)…


    Your Defensive Players are still swaggering on the field, talking Sh$t….

    Mr. Hughes, indeed, has something to look forward to…
    That’s a BIG HOLE to fill…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    What is harbored in CH is dichotymous to on and off, Mr. Bill.

    More than one parent of somewhat recent signees have conveyed…buyer’s remorse, so to say.

    That’s straight to a dog’s ears. Too bad they their sniffers at the wrong hydrant.


    BTW!!! Is it too GD much to ask for a mobile edit freakin’ button!!!?


    They no doubt promised him plenty of playing time. Not far behind that item you can be sure he was given a view of the network of unc connections. chapel hill has always been an ease sell, certainly much easier than State and much of that has to do with long term name recognition.

    FYI: there is no sleeping giant in North Carolina concerning college football. Living as I do in Georgia and sitting in seats held by the in laws since the 1950s at UGA (35 yard line, opposite end of the train tracks, 15 rows back), the mountain is too high to climb for any NC school to stay good for very long. The potential fan base is too diluted, the exposure for talent too limited, the stadiums too small, and the casual fans simply will not stay with a team that MIGHT be a 8 to 9 win team every 6 years. unc beat this trend in the 90s by having the state title games in high school football moved to chapel hill and creating a false degree program.

    Trim NC down to 2 or 3 D1 schools and I could see the talent level rise but that is not going to happen.

    As always I expect State to be State; ignoring the fans, missing opportunities to jump unc, Clemson, and Tennessee and always putting on a cheap display at the stadium. The folks that follow State are GRADUATES of the school. Get outside of NC and you will understand the hurdle that any State coach faces.


    *lifetime of seeing it in action so if any millennial generation nerds or Buzzy Correl suck UPS don’t like it, stick it.


    Welcome back McCallum.
    I am somewhat surprised.

    Not in the return, but in mundanely stating the obvious.

    Most vets ain’t concerned about long runs and sleeping giants.

    …Just good runs, while the giants nap.

    That wasn’t meant as a rip, Mc.


    adjective \d?-?kä-t?-m?s also d?-\
    Definition of DICHOTOMOUS
    1: dividing into two parts

    as in…
    … ‘projections and promises’…
    … ‘less filing and tastes great’…
    … ‘fantasy and reality’…
    … ‘what you see’ and ‘what it really is’…
    … ‘what we say’ and ‘what we do’…
    … ‘to seem’ and ‘to be’…
    (when they are contradictions or opposites)…

    … ‘The Carolina Way’…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    I’m with you. I just put that out there to bring some realization to the young folks that the world is a bit bigger than Wake County and what State is up against if they want to build anything.

    The idiots at Georgia just roll in another class of dummies year in and year out. They get the cream of the crop here since they have ZERO competition for attention and they put kids in the NFL. The babbling masses down here are treated to UGA this and UGA that and every half brain dead doofyus can mouth GO DAWGS. Christmas time can cause quite the stir……..what to get little Johnny, another UGA pullover, another hat, MAYBE CAMO this time………..it is unc on steroids except the fans are more dense, less intelligent, and more plentiful.

    State has a hard road. Lots of coffee and tobacco would help, canning the good old boy network would help and maybe a trip or two around the country to see how people do it right might help.

    Gurley could have played in front of 60,000 in Raleigh (where it takes 2 hours to get out of the damn place) or he could have played in crappy Athens in front of 92,000 of your best friends (and it takes me 25 minutes to get out of) where the pre game intro is professional as hell and showcases great moments in UGA history ( yes, run Lindsey) as well as the 30 guys they have in the NFL.

    The choice was too easy just like it is for any out of state school when recruiting against North Carolina State of the fake rock tunnel and the growling coyote University.

    Merry Christmas CD.



    Dog and Mac, ‘

    Ya’ mean the “mindset change” that our bretheren can’t grasp. I keep preachin’, but as in church, only a few are listening!

    Now are there “dicks in New Bern”? Yep, and you just got introduced to another! Not that there aren’t “dicks” in a lot of towns!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!



    He can’t be all bad.

    At least his parent(s) gave him a name that can be pronounced.



    I am embarrassed at the reaction of outspoken nc state fans on Twitter. He’s an 17-18 year old kid planning the rest of his life, let him make his decision and live with it, no need to attempt to diminish his intelligence or decision making. None of us know what kind of pitches were given by each school. Maybe we got out pitched, not unheard of in the business.
    Wish mike the best but still love our class and let’s continue to add to it.


    GoPack83: I’m with you. A lot of the comments just reek of sour grapes on our part. This past weekend we wanted him badly, and now he’s going grade and other issues? Come on. He’s the same kid as when we thought we had a chance. He just went another way.

    The more I watch college sports, the more that I think playing time is important for reaching the next level. You need the time to improve, and you need the exposure that comes with it. If a kid really has NFL aspirations, and really is committed to putting in the work to get there, then I can’t blame them for taking the early PT route.

    I wish him the best of luck in every game he plays in instead of ours. I’m not one that wants good kids to either go to NC State or go out of conference. For the conference to collectively improve, and for NC State’s external stature to improve with it, we really need all the conference teams keeping the best talent in their respective states.

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