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    Here’s a look at the the Depth Chart for the season opener against Georgia Southern. GoPack.com Click on the link to see wh[See the full post at: 2014 Wolfpack Football Depth Chart (QB and CB)]


    Here’s hoping that some young guys grow up fast in the defensive backfield, and that young Mr. McClendon won’t be called into duty this year and can redshirt.

    Jacoby Brissett living up to the hype will be gravy. Driskel Schmiskel.


    Let’s go, cornerbacks!! Don’t let ’em pick us apart this season. Let’s force ’em to run through our D-Line and see if we don’t punish some teams this year.


    4 days late to my receiving any news on young Mr. Vincent.

    I don’t have any info as to why his progress hasn’t lead to the 3 deep. Just curious, still.

    Ah, the trials of the rookie are many.


    DE: Norman, Rose
    backups: Davis, Street

    DT: McGill, Hill
    Backup: Teal, Nelson (Hill must be pretty darn good)


    While not starting Street and Davis should see playing time at DE. Pharaoh McKeever has been moved from WR to DE — first time on that side of the ball. Yet he is the 5th DE listed on the Depth Chart. McK weighs 262 and runs a 4.6 40 and still growing. It’s early to say this but the Pack might be returning to those days of dominant DLs in a year or so.


    One week away? Where has the time gone? Here is to a great and overachieving season. We need it after last. But it can happen. Go Pack!


    I think this group has potential, but very thin and inexperienced in places. Will have to stay healthy and grow up fast. Maybe Brissett will be the real deal and deliver much improved play. One week!


    Great summary. Glad the boards are back up for the season and hope participation continues to grow. Ready for Sat and what I would consider a successful season of 6-6.


    We can’t fall off the floor. I am cautiously optimistic we will at least be significantly more pleasant to watch, even if we still lose quite often.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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