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    In an earlier comment by FergusWolf it was suggested that some teams strengthened their schedule by playing Notre Dame, but isn’t this the result of the agreement between the ACC and Notre Dame that Notre Dame would play so many ACC teams a year? I don’t believe these count as conference games, since in Football Notre Dame is still independent, but maybe I’m remembering wrong. I believe we play Notre Dame in 2015. All of this is from memory, so perhaps I’m wrong, but the point is that I believe these teams had Notre Dame put on their schedule for them, so that shouldn’t be a credit given to them for creating a hard(er) non-conference schedule.

    The same goes for teams like FSU playing Florida, Clemson playing South Carolina, etc. These are the rivalry games that are played every year, they just happen to span conferences. Our rival just happens to be in conference, so we don’t get the benefit of one non-conference game always being scheduled for us every year. I believe some of these games might even be legislated to be played every year.


    I just believe that you get better by playing teams better than you.

    I agree. But where the NC State Football program is today, it also needs games it should win for that first step of the long journey. I use “should win” loosely. I’m taking nothing for granted in the first few games, nothing. Our 2014 2-deep could conceivably consist mostly of 1st and 2nd year players.


    compsciwolf…you are correct. I overstated the strength of some of the teams schedules, and we too will “luck” into a ND game in the relatively near future.

    That doesn’t detract from my position that a bad OOC schedule hurts ticket sales, hurts recruiting, and in my opinion delays the development of our players.

    And, foose….you are absolutely right, but there are FOUR OOC games, if we scheduled ODU, USF, GS, and added a real team from a real conference, my compaints would diminish significantly. Even better if we went with 2-2 (real games to patsy games).

    Of course, as someone will remind me, we nearly lost one of our “patsy” games last year. So maybe we are the patsies and no real team will schedule us, because they don’t want to destroy their OOC SOS.


    ^ Right on with that last statement.

    I’ll bet that Georgia Southern, ODU and USF all look at us on their schedule and expect to win that game.

    We don’t scare anyone. I think we’ll be better than last year, but I don’t fully expect us to be 4-0 going into the FSU game either.


    But if all goes well, we will be 4-0 going into the FSU game and healthy. At the end of the season when (example) we are 7-5 (3-5 ACC) we’ll go bowling and be better prepared for next year. Next year, we need a better OOC schedule. Is ND next year or 2016?


    I just believe that you get better by playing teams better than you.

    Alot of people claimed that ACC football would get alot better after adding FSU in the 90s. How did that work out?


    ACC with a NatChamp?

    It took awhile …but…

    I made a comment today off screen to a couple of people you know.

    A player wants to play “up” and a real player expects to win when they do.


    FergusWolf, I’m with you 100%, IF this becomes a pattern with our CURRENT coach. I’m giving a pass for 2014, and a provisional one for 2015. POI: NC State play Notre Dame in 2016, at CF.


    ACC with a NatChamp?
    It took awhile …but…

    Not THAT long, seven seasons (1999).. at least not when considering the last time NC State won a conference title.


    I understand the complaints about the scheduling.

    I offer the question what is the ideal schedule? IMHO the best schedule is one FCS team (with so many of them moving up to FBS I can’t say for sure anymore who they are), two mid-lower level non-BCS teams (NIU, Marshall, WKU, etc.) and one middle level BCS team (Ok St, Tenn, Ill, WVU etc).

    There are two problems with this. One is team/program performance for a lot of the teams that are historically in the 40+ RPI range varies. It’s not shocking when a MAC school goes 3-9 this year and two years later is 9-3 (or vice versa). Because of recruiting waves, coaching changes, etc. their performance has more variance. Schedule makers can’t account for that. The second problem is we have to get more home games than away games (i.e. 2 for 1) from the non-BCS FBS schools. I don’t know if we have the stature to demand 2 for 1 deals from a lot of schools our fans want to see.


    Ideal Schedule:

    Part One:

    Two home-and-home series. Each should be INTERESTING, one more national, one regional/sectional. My best example of how you could do this with a thin roster – Purdue and Kentucky. Long-term, this should be better than that. No reason why we shouldn’t be playing South Cakalaky again, the Head Ball Coach wants to.

    Part Two:

    A better-than-laughable semi-cupcake. Here’s where you play your Sun Belt or MAC team, at home.

    Part Three:

    Pure cupcake. If it’s FCS, at least play a decent one so your players get a legit workout.

    That’s a balanced approach, and eminently doable. Piques fan interest and gets you some actual TV exposure.


    Total agreement with BJD95, nice balanced approach.


    The laws of nature demand a home and home series with Nevada…..


    Guess I won’t be going to any games again this year! Watch more football on my laptop AGAIN!

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