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    h/t Mark Armstrong It took 33 years, but today the Wolfpack’s 1983 national championship basketball team was recognized and honored with a trip to the
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    What a fantastic representation for our university. We are very proud of the 83 team and very proud of the class they represent themselves and NC State. This is the only “feel good” moment I’ve had regarding NC State athletics in a few months. Wonder why no current athletic dept representative was with them? Very proud day.


    I am disappoint that my man Barry didn’t take this opportunity to say “Hey yo, where my BFF Cat at?”


    Great for the guys, very happy for the team.

    I wonder if players today get jazzed about this sort of thing?


    Thurl Bailey is a class act, any NC State alumni or fan should be extremely proud of him and how he represents NC State.


    Truly long overdue.


    Willis Casey was AD and was too CHEAP to fund trip
    The compliance guys would not let the Donor’s pay for it….fear of NCAA violation.

    Jamie Valvano attended the event and spoke emotionally at dinner the night before. She said that for a long time, she and her sisters actually were jealous of team and resented them as they took JV’s time away from family. But she now considers them as brothers. JV would not have left such a legacy without them. Jeff Gravely dismissed this on a long segment about the personal side of the reunion of the FAN.

    This was the first thing in almost 7-1/2 years that Obama got right. I do thank him for doing it.

    Thurl is well suited to the broadcast booth.


    Hey sweet, it only took 6 posts. I win on the under (I’d have cashed in even if it was 10).
    Thanks Obummer!!!!!


    Thurl Bailey is a class act

    He was always my favorite player.


    The travesty of this all is that the man who made the winning shot, never got to make this trip. RIP Lorenzo Charles!


    Was it a money issue? I remember that the issue was not the payment, but the fact that such a visit would have been a “benefit” that was not available to all students. After some folks pointed out that other national champs had done this previously, the NCAA changed their ruling for subsequent winners. Just another example of how the NCAA had it in for State back then.



    The only member of Valvano’s staff that I knew passed away a few years ago, otherwise, I would quiz him.

    The “cover” story was that it would be an impermissible benefit…..IF it were paid for by “donors”.

    BUT, Old Willis “Scrooge” Casey would not pop for the costs….

    Or that is what we learn now….

    Some of the insiders will have to tell us….


    As a Marine, I’ll bite my tongue. I can say that I stopped to refuel in Tallehasee in a military helicopter. Coincidentally, Biden happened to be there refueling as well. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was kicked back in an FBO recliner watching football when we were invited to go meet him…. If anything, my chair seemed to recline just a little more.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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