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Channel 5 may be doing the Wolfpack a favor by keeping their game tonight off the screens of Directv viewers. And with a switch to NBC on February 29, that’s probably when Channel 5 (and Fox 50) will re-appear on Directv. I seriously doubt that WRAL will pay more money to the satellite provider since they’re switching networks in another 6 weeks.

Although the Duke game is on CBS this Saturday, tonight’s ACC Network game is on Channel 48.1 from Greensboro. Despite being on Dirctv and living in Wake County, my modest rooftop UHF antenna brings in all the Triad stations (CBS on Channel 2) except for NBC, which isn’t worth watching anyhow. A small loop, bowtie or rabbit ears antenna will bring in all the local stations here in Wake County, and probably a small wire or paper clip might even work. Just be sure to set the tv on “air” instead of cable, and run the autoprogram option to scan these stations in.

I’m not sure what tv is coming to down the road, but it seems the more technologically advanced we become, the more problems we have in getting the stations we want. Blame whoever, but start with the politicians in DC who let local stations totally control their network and keep anyone else from showing it on your tv, even when they decide to drop that network.