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If the player can’t hit the shot its not a good one. I could design an offense to get Anya a wide open three every time. Is that a good shot?

It’s a fair point, it really is. No, Anya’s three would be an awful shot, obviously. Better off having somebody throw one up and let him fetch it.

Cat, Martin and Rowan obviously have the green light. I trust the staff enough on that – they aren’t idiots. You know when a player doesn’t have the go ahead. You have to take open shots. If you don’t, then the D will sag, and Cat will
be doubled all night long. We don’t have any consistent options to score in the post, so you have to take them. Rowan is going to get it going at some point. May not be this year (except in spurts), but he has Wood-like shooter’s ability (he’s a wreck on D, just like Wood).

They are fine shots. We just don’t seem to have the personnel right now. Put Lacey and/or Henderson on the floor, and it’s a different story (definitely with Lacey). But none of that explains away the poor post play. Freeman and Anya are no threat to score if it isn’t a putback. Abu has enormous potential and is doing some really good things, but it isn’t consistent.

We just have no margin for error this year. Injuries/transfers. No depth. Not explosive. Getting hurt on the plethora of misses. Little post presence. Can’t shoot free throws. It’s the perfect storm and a year Gott will want to forget.