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^Thank you for the above post, JasonP! It is the best one I have read in a while. There have been several posts about apathy setting in among us and not as many posts. It is not apathy, it is boredom with the same old crap about how Gott can’t coach and doesn’t know how to run a program. And can we hurry up and hire Archie. Jeez. It is true we are not good enough to compete with the top teams in the conference this year but that shouldn’t stop you from pulling for your team. That includes not trashing them day after day, including the coach. And actually, I’d say things are looking pretty good for next year, despite all the dire warnings about the program spiraling to the depths.

Heelh8r, if I could “like” your post, I would. On the bright side, and thankfully, there’s a lot of Pack fans that feel the same way.