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This forum is the only place I hear anyone ever talking about Gott getting fired. No State fan I know, including several WPC donors, has any inclination toward making a HC change in the program. It’s frustrating to come here and see this type of talk gain traction especially when paired with hoping and dreaming for the next flavor of the month HC candidate. Thankfully there are voices of reason in the ‘hood.

Yall need to realize Gott is the best bball coach we’ve had since V – who was forced to resign in 1990. Short memories forget all about the dungeon of the 90s and 00s, which unfortunately contaminated State’s fan base with extreme pessimism and a loser mentality. Gott is the first one to elevate this program from the garbage heap we wallowed in for 20 years (think about that for a minute). His effort should be rewarded with patience and support, even in difficult seasons like this one.

I know plenty of people that are not completely blown away with Gott. They arent really calling for his head right now just more in the holding pattern. If this season keeps going like it is I think you will see the fan base start to splinter and the conversation will come up more. A lot of us are seeing a downward progression similar to his run at bama. The thing that kindof surprises me is nobody is really mentioning his personal life. He is obviously going through some rough times and who knows if its not seeping into the program. Not unreasonable to discuss all things considered.