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I agree with those saying you need talent to win big. There are two ways to get it — recruit elite talent or take good players and develop them. We’re seemingly trying the former, but are probably better off doing the second.

I don’t agree with the premise that we are getting good shots on offense. An open shot on offense isn’t necessarily a good one. Sometimes there are reasons a player is open (opposing coach saying to let a player shoot from there if they want to). A close to the basket shot isn’t a good one if rushed or off balance. About every shot Rowan takes is a bad one because he’s running off screens and seems to be off balance. An offense isn’t generating good looks if the effective FG % is pretty much dead last amongst D1 power conference schools.

I do agree with the thought that if we had a more efficient offense, we’d have won more games. I just don’t think that it is shooting alone.