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To Ryebread’s point, I think what all of us are hoping is that Gott changes his system or his philosophy in order to fit what he has. There’s one thing to be stubborn if you’re a proven NCAA championship winner or consistent conference contender, but we haven’t been that since V (to be objective, we haven’t been that since Sloan), and this year is the perfect chance for Gott to throw caution to the wind and play loose with his system.
As for development of our players (which is always valid criticism), our entire team needs to learn how to move their feet to get position without dribbling. Anya’s feet are the worst I’ve seen in history: my feet are better at 38 and I haven’t even seen them in two years. Abu’s aren’t much better, and Freeman’s entire offense is based on rebounding. Rowan and Twin A aren’t great at getting space to shoot without the need of multiple screens. The Twins can work somewhat well together, but lack consistency mostly because of very different roles. Shaun Kirk isn’t getting any better on the bench; IMO that kid needs to get more bookend time (time between a stoppage and before the next media break) to help develop.
Gott is a good coach but I’m still fully unconvinced he’s going to take huge steps at State unless he learns to develop and refine also.