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How conceivable is it at year five for coach Gott that we have so many “gaps”…talent gap, scholarship gap, execution gap, coaching gap, player gap. This is stuff you go thru in year one, not year five. It’s hard to see us winning a single ACC game this year. I know losing Lacey and Washington really hurt, I mean really hurt, and is probably the differnce this year. But after 5 years you have to be able to absorb such loses and the great coaches are able to develop players year after year and recruit and develop incoming players to cover such loses. We were caught with our pants down and now are exposed with all the gaps that exist in the basketball program. I can’t complain with the past 4 years, NCAA bids and 2 sweet 16’s, not many can say that. So Gott can certainly get results. But we absolutely should not be where we are now, in year five, and after Dennis Smith we don’t have anything else coming in next year either. I’m riding the fence on a change right now, but we can’t afford to let Archie get away to another P5 school with little hope of getting him if the time comes.