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“Maybe because Gott has coaching flaws that are apparent to everyone except him and I guess you. ”

Rick you miss my point entirely. I did not say the negative posts were not warranted. What I’m saying is there has been a pattern for a LONG time – actually going back to that guy we do not mention. So I know what to expect. Maybe that is why participation is down.

Given you say this has been going on a long time, why would people all of a sudden now stop if they were tired of it? Possible I guess but very coincidental given the performance we have seen from both teams this year. BTW the other sites are just as “negative”. Its possible people are simply sick of NCSU sports all together. Given I watched a grand total of five minutes of the game last night and almost none of the bowl game I can tell you my desire to watch NCSU sports is at an all time low.

But you could be right, maybe some are tired of the “negative” posts even though it is nothing new.