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Don’t insult the players. Outside of FT shooting (which I think is fair game), they’re seemingly doing what they’re being asked.

I didn’t like this hire when we made it and was vocal about it. The rally at the end of year one gave me hope, but getting punched in the mouth by Oklahoma State in year two answered any lingering questions I had about the staff and whether they could build year over year. Like with Lowe, the foreshadowing was there in the great year two flop. It is just how long it takes to play out, and the fact that the ceiling is a bit higher with this staff.

As for the game, I watched the first half and a chunk of the second. It was obvious early that the only way we’d win was Cat scoring 50, because the bigs were all going to foul out. Wake looked much better coached and their offense generated much higher percentage shots than ours did.

If this season plays out like I think it is going to, Gott had better make some staff changes in the offseason. I don’t know if his ego will take system changes but staff changes will be needed to show he’s doing something.