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^Jeebus folks…the basketball program and job is not viewed in a negative light. That’s ridiculous. Fowler bungled searches monumentally. Yow went after Smart and his wife didn’t want to move. He took a few years before going to Austin. Marshall has wanted the job twice–I repeat–two times, but he was miffed this last time that we offered Smart first (who had just beaten him in the NCAA tournament in a 5 v. 12 matchup). This was bad mojo on the part of Yow and any others involved in the search. Marshall has since beaten Smart head up several times. No way he comes here now. Should’ve hired him when he was at Winthrop.

Ridiculous? Our last two searches were an embarrassment. We ended up with an alumnus who had never coached college and a basketball announcer whose last coaching gig ended very poorly. We were spurned by anyone and everyone. I hope it is simply a case of bad management by the ADs but the reality is the searches made us look like a negative place to go.