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Is a team that loses by 30 the same as a team that loses by 10?

We improved this year whether most fans have the analytical ability to look past win loss metric is their problem.

Also keep in mind that was MSUs Philip Rivers. He’s better than our QB and had a much better o-line.

’44, Are you ok? I agree 100%, but the above is not following your normal theme.

I’ve seen enough from Canada to stick with him. I do think he occasionally gets away from what works, and goes a little too Tecmo Bowl for my taste. Too much horizontal running and passing. I’m a north-south guy.

I agree, but to be fair, the horizontal running is tactically paired with the north-south stuff. This was most visible in the Wake game. Wake made it a point to shut down JaySam on the horizontal game. That opened up Dayes’ big game going North-South. The rushing stats speak for themselves (one of the best seasons in Wolfpack history). We were missing a consistently effective vertical passing games. It didn’t help that Brissett struggles, mightily, in wet weather, and we played 3 games in the rain. All ugly games for Jacoby.