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I posted this after the game:

Yes, I agree that we are playing bad, nearly the worst I have ever seen us play(other than that horrible half we had against UNX), but is it just me or are we getting called for every tick tack foul, but aren’t calling Wisconsin for anything (1st found coming at 12:20 in the half). I think this has been getting the guys down. WHen they are agressive, they get called for ticky-tack fouls. 2-3 palming calls…that’s where we started going downhill. Maybe I’m crazy. And I know I have seen plenty of fouls on Wisconsin that have been harder than anything we’ve done. AM I missing something?

Don’t misunderstand me for saying that this is the difference in the game, just very frusterating

Those 2 palming calls on Harrow really took the wind out of him. Then they called one on Javi (don’t remember if I’ve ever seen him called for this). I agree with the above post that this just frustrated them greatly and Sid didn’t stand up to the refs and it all went downhill. On top of that the foul calls were miserable. No excuse, just something that was very noticeable during the game.