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Grey I thought we only lost one or two seniors last year on the O-Line. I know one was Rob Crisp and the other number 74, his mom came out to a came watch this past year. Very cool lady. They are both our tackles so that is a little bit concerning but I remember our lineman actually swapping pretty regularly last year so I have to believe our starters there have experience and are capable.

Our secondary… gives me nightmares / chills / stress induced hair loss and WR’s (yes a year more experienced, new talent coming in, red shirts actually playing) but they consistently were inconsistent minus Bo. So many drives stalled due to dropped passes that were on the money, or that one GA Tech interception and recovered fumble, that should have been a TD. Instead it indirectly led to a pick 6.

I trust DD don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer like most of you. Even despite the 3 win start I never lost faith because he has always found a way to be successful and winning with Mitchell as our qb would be a tall order for a Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, no less a DD.

Brissett is the real deal I just hope our WR’s and defense come to play. I think our O-Line depth is ok… but I could be overlooking transfers / booted off the team