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Probably a Done Deal….but he committed to Debbie in the evening or the afternoon and our lawyers flew up and met with his lawyers….and the next day, after the contract was hammered out and the LOI was ready to be signed…

He renigged…..or at least Mrs. Smart said NO.

Probably is legit this time….but Cremmins committed to USC…..prompting the question…..What does USC stand for….”You Seen Crimmins?” was the punchline.

So, when he shows up for the presser and has Mrs. Smart standing beside him, it probably is a done deal….until such, I’m just gonna wait.

I did hear a rumor from a VCU grad that they were so tapped out that they could not afford another contract raise. The Strip Clubs in Richmond are featuring free lap dances for him. But, that is just an advertising gimmick….the wives and daughters of the rich VCU Alums are actually working there, themselves to “Fund” Shaka’s Previous raises…..

The ladies objected to selling their bodies….but showing it….well, that’s different.