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Prowling Wolfie… I agree. I think that KW is what we want given he does let the shot selection get a little better. I’m ok with him taking those long jump shots though. He was our best 3 pt shooter on the team @ 54%.

What’s missing is he can’t truly play his game unfortunately without others establishing themselves in the low post. If Kennedy Meeks has to account for one of our bigs down low on the opposite side of the paint. KW shooting threat draws another big out of the lane.

Then you have Cat, Trevor Lacey, Twins, Terry Henderson now with room to do some things and much harder to double. I think the key to NC State accomplishing something special is Anya / Abu / Freeman getting on the low blow block getting points in the paint and drawing fouls. Then KW stretching the defense with the help of the twins all while our guards really start to have to have some fun and get some easier buckets.

I really like that depth across the board.

I’ll be a little anxious if Gott can’t convince some of these kids to hop on this train before it leaves the station though.