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I am proud of the way the team and staff circled the wagons after that brutal mid year stretch and finished strong. I would really, really like to see the program take the next step and be able to turn in consistent performances game in and game out the entire season.

Yes, I understand these are college players and even Kentucky isn’t the same team from game to game. We saw that with Kentucky vs. W.VA when compared to Kentucky vs ND.

Regardless, I want NC State to take the next step and move into the discussion consistently. That’s just just at the end of the season if we get hot, but a team that’s in the top 25 most of the year. That’s the progression we need as a program and it will really help recruiting.

I think we can do it if everyone who has eligibility returns. The loss of Dez and Turner will be bigger than most suspect. I think Dez was that glue guy like Alex Johnson that all the guys really liked. I think Turner was instant offense and underrated at rebounding and scrapping. We don’t know whether Henderson will step into either of those roles.

What we can’t afford is anyone else leaving? I expected KW to have more of an impact this year. The offense and aggressiveness are there. We just need him playing defense and taking it to the rack. I hope he sticks around to do so.