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Thanks to one and all who had a hand in getting this squad out of weekend #1. Sorry it had to end but enjoyed the progress this team made. The mid season ‘slump’ ended up making the payoff that much better.

No apparent head cases for next year’s edition, so hopefully that means a headstart on a better reprise than the last S16.

Guarded Optimism.

In addition to no head cases, we have a terrific shooting guard if Trevor stays. Last time around we were figuring Purvis would come in and fill that role. Also, when Painter left, we had zero depth at the 4/5 position. Even if Kyle goes, we are still in better shape there. We don’t have a freshman like TJW, but we do have the Martins. So overall, from a sheer talent and depth perspective, this team is far better positioned than that team.