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Given that Arch is a grad, it is nice to see him doing well and if that were the reason this is linked, hooray.

However, given that there are several here who think Arch is the savior of the program WHILE WE STILL HAVE A COACH, this is dirty pool.

We have a date for the prom and we need to dance with our date. We cannot find another date at the prom and hope to go home with the new date.

Do I think Arch will be a good coach? Yes I do

Do I think Arch has potential? Yes I do

Do I think he will make an excellent choice for some larger school in the future? Absolutely I do.

However, in the time period of Archie’s head coaching Gott has a higher winning percentage. Gott has coached in a tougher league against better teams. Gott inherited a program in shambles while Archie inherited a program going strong. I am not saying Gott is a better coach, but I am also not saying Arch would have done any better or worse here. But PLEASE stop this nonsense until we need a new coach. All this speculation does is divide a fanbase and potentially influences recruits that might be concerned their coach is potentially leaving and the program is unstable.

One final point – Arch has a shortage because a couple players transferred out. Some of you criticize Gott for transfers, yet it is OK for Arch to have transfers? And I think we have already discussed the players transferring out from Gott were positive moves for the program.