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…I wish I could just bask in a very meaningful win (meaningful beyond any post-season tournament) without having to fret about how a loss might affect RPI …

^Yeah, no problem with the post-Cheat beatdown celebration. I think it’s fair to question how ‘mentally focused’ the staff had the guys, but we could probably argue that among ourselves forever.

For whatever reason(s) yesterday happened, the fact is most teams have a game like yesterday happen. It’s even understandable, to a certain extent – though certainly not excusable. If the scenario that happened this past week – win @ Cheats, get thumped @ BC – plays out in January then people are less liable to get so angsty. (BC wouldn’t be on a 9-game losing streak, but it’d be clear they’d probably finish at the bottom).

Another problem is that yesterday’s loss really highlights State’s earlier losses – some of which you could argue State most definitely “should” have won. Finish off two or three of those, and yesterday’s loss becomes much more digestible if not understandable. As it stood though, State came out flat against an opponent that took advantage – it just so happened that State really couldn’t afford to lose the game b/c of the position they had put themselves in.

So, you know – reactors gonna react, critics gonna criticize, excuses gonna excuse, haters gonna hate 😉 (interwebz4lyfe) … My opinion: Beat the Cheats at their place for the first time in the last 12 and beat renowned Pack hater and destroyer (plus cheater!) Roy Williams – dance all night. You’ve earned it. Just, you know, try not to lose to 1-14 BC next time out haha.