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Here is some info from Leslie’s 2011-12 season if anyone is still reading this thread and/or cares:

I only compiled averages for points and rebounds (it’s all I have time for at the moment). I also broke it up into groupings of games to see trends.

I apologize for any format trouble:

1st 6 games AVG: 12.8pts 6rebs .571 FG%
Next 6 games AVG: 13.2pts 6.3rebs .500 FG%

Start of Conference Play
1st 4 games AVG: 12.3pts 6.2rebs .568 FG%
Next 4 games AVG: 12.3pts 6.5rebs .381 FG%

Next 4 games AVG: 16pts 8.3rebs .472 FG%
Last 4 games AVG: 20.3pts 10.5rebs .588 FG%

ACC Tournament AVG: 17.3pts 10.7rebs .697 FG%
NCAA tournament AVG: 15.7pts 5.7rebs .459 FG%

This is kinda what I remembered, where CJL was pretty consistent over the first 20 games (12 non-conf, 8 conf) with averages of 12.8 points and 6 rebounds, hitting on .505 FG%.

Then he turned it on/figured it out:

Over the last 14 games he had averages of 17.4 pts and 8.9 rebounds, hitting .546 FG%.

Imagine where we would be if Abu can turn it on/figure it out enough where he can contribute 12 pts and 6 rebounds! This offense would be flying!