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I will let this season play out, and the next one, really. Before making any definitive judgments. I think MG’s done enough to deserve that much.

Anyone know when MG’s contract is up? I think it’s after year 7, but I don’t remember. I really feel like if we give him 6-7 years, that’s when we are going to see the fruits of his labor.

I think when MG got here he looked up and down the bench, and saw very little he could work with. There was some talent, but some dangerous egos with it and no depth on the bench to speak of.

I think after the first two year’s guys were gone, MG started going after a different kind of animal: Good physical builds and team-mates first, talent 2nd. He recruited last year’s Freshmen to be guys who could contribute as glue/role/depth/bench players if nothing else. If one panned out as a star – even better! This has mostly worked, as there were 6-8 guys last year who could play almost interchangeably in any game (outside of Buckets). As you all know, this had not been the case his first 2 years. This year there are 10 players who can come in. That’s good depth.

Last year’s Freshman were Building Blocks, the foundation for the future, while this year’s Freshmen are leaning a bit more to the talented side. MG had the Glue/Role players, now he’s bringing in the talented ones. This is not meant to mean that Abu and the twins are not good team-mates or that the 2nd year players aren’t talented, because they are.

I am trying to look at this like a solid 5-year plan that is on schedule. Any other takers?

I am looking at Abu to be the Big that starts scoring, and makes the Offense take off at the end of the year. I feel like that is the main missing component. Can someone remind me: Did Calvin contribute consistently all year long in 2011-12, or did he come on in the last 10 games or so?

Sorry for the TL;DR. In summation, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

/Go Panthers!