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After watching TEAMSl coached by The Grey Fox (Case), Stormin’ Norman (Sloan) and Jimmy V, I suppose I’m spoiled. I don’t care if I never see another NC State game with some body dribbling up to the arc and jacking up another 3. Or worse having it stripped while trying to dribble through the entire opposing team.

The players weren’t as talented but I’ve seen better basketball played in the intramural games in Frank Thompson Gym. And if some primo donna tried to do it all himself, it didn’t require a coach to say anything. 4 teammates were in his face.

A few months ago some of you guys gleefully abandoned football as soon as basketball practice started. While the football team won 4 out of 5 including a thorough ass-kicking of our arch rival and a nice bowl win, we got samo, samo with basketball — games we should have won, no blocking out, too much 1v1, early foul trouble, etc. If I woke up from a deep sleep and read these blogs, I wouldn’t know what year it was.

FYI we just landed a top 5 FL recruiter to coach the wide receivers.