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Atrocious pass defense.

Let’s take a look some of the numbers. Over half the yardage (161) was to one receiver who made some pretty good catches of some perfectly thrown balls. Alpha commented that the corner play was weak. Hard to argue that. But calling a pass defense atrocious that gave up only 2 TDs while picking off 2, one being a pick-six, may be a little over the top.

My point is that calling the pass defense atrocious, indicts all the pass defense. Saying the corner play is weak is just telling it like it is. And the corner play is not likely to get any better with the current 2-deep.

BTW anybody know what McKever was doing in pass coverage? Have they moved him to LB? If so might not be a bad move. Ted “The Stork” Hendricks comes to mind. McKever has good hands and while not blazingly fast, he does have good speed.